Working in Special Ops

snoozing away in the car No trouble falling asleep in the car of course…

The weekend went by too fast as usual and had it’s ups and downs but at least some of my reading and hard work was not for nothing. Sunday afternoon was spent putting in place “operation toddler sleep”.

– After a trip to Target, we made a Sleep Chart out of poster board and cut out pictures from parenting magazines of children acting out each step in our night time routine like brushing teeth, etc. *Lou ( a nick name I have for my son ) helped, loved the process and was super excited about it.

– Since Lou sleeps sideways, upside down and all kinds of crazy ways throughout the night when he gets in bed with us, we gave him the queen size mattress from the spare bedroom and moved the toddler bed out for now.

– Everything was kept really mellow after dinner. Dim lights, playing quietly and had Lou follow along with his sleep chart as we went through each step ( bath, pajamas, snack, etc.)

My hopes were high. Way too high. So even though he loved the new bed and chart and was so positive about all of it, by hour 3 of sending him back in his room, tucking him in and reminding him he needed to stay in bed, I was pissed.

Sunday marked the first day in 2 weeks that I missed a scheduled work out, quite an accomplishment in itself. However, I felt “operation toddler sleep” was more important so that’s where I spent the time. This also meant I didn’t follow through and post a food article or recipe yesterday, no time when your working in special ops.

The result: while we might not have won the war, some victory did come from all our efforts. Once he finally went to sleep, Lou slept through the night!

“Uh, what’s the big deal” you might be thinking? “How is this worthy of a post?” Let me tell you, this is a VERY big deal. I can’t give a date for the last time this happened. Seriously. No idea.

This morning felt a little strange. Because I was actually awake and had some energy and didn’t feel like a complete zombie. In other words – it rocked.

I did decide though, after how stressful the past few weeks have been, I’m taking a break from speed reading the sleep solution book (although I love it and think the book is awesome!).

I’m feeling very padawan and wanting to simmer down a bit. I want to remember to be more patient, move loving and to be more present. So this week will be spent with a little more yoga than cardio, reading a little more Buddhism for Mothers and studying from my favorite book from Buddhist monk and spiritual teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, You Are Here.

I hope something happened that rocked your world this weekend too – in a good way! This week, remember of all the awesome special ops you’ve managed as a parent and take some time to offer some kindness to yourself.

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