Monday Listicle of Rubbish

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Wow, that was one quick week! It’s already time once again to link up with list master Stasha for our first Monday Listicle of March.

Our topic this week, courtesy of Jessica from Team Rasler:

10 Things I Am Rubbish At.

1. Drawing
Even my stick figures are not easily recognizable. I’m always jealous of people blessed with the talent to draw, paint and create beauty this way. Sadly, I didn’t get this one as a natural talent.

2. Crafting
I have no talent at all for crafting. I didn’t even realize how popular making arts and crafts was until I started this blog. Hopefully other positive aspects of my mothering will make up for this because I’m never going to be able to make anything that looks like an adult had a hand in it.

3. Taking Pictures
I also had no idea taking pictures would be such a big part of having a blog. Some of you are master photographers! I have no fancy cameras and know nothing about good uses of light and shadow or anything else that makes for great pictures. When my son does something I think is cute or funny or awesome, I take out my phone and try to capture the moment. Sorry I’m not better at this one.

4. Making Quick Decisions
At times I have a real tendency to over think things and maybe worry too much about the outcome.

5. Singing
Although I think I sound AMAZING in my car with the radio turned up and windows closed of course!

6. Staying Focused
I think growing up as a scatter brained, multitasking, always stressed out maniac really fueled my adult need and love for moments of peace and quiet as well as meditation and yoga.

7. Grocery Shopping Without a List
I absolutely will forget at least 3 things I needed to get and you just never know what will make it’s way into my cart.

8. Driving Without Getting Really Irritated at Other Drivers
And that’s putting it mildly.

9. Reading Maps
I don’t know what it is but maps look like they are written in a different language I don’t speak. Let’s not go camping in the middle of no where. Ever.

10. Being Patient
That’s a really hard one for me but I’m working on it.

Looks like I’ve got a few things to work on! Thanks so much for reading and please remember to stop on over at NorthWestMommy for more listy goodness :)

(Is listy a word? Probably not, I probably just made that up. Did I mention I’m bad at spelling too?)

32 thoughts on “Monday Listicle of Rubbish

    • Oh, I am terrible behind the wheel but I am actually working on that too. Road rage doesn’t look good on me – haha! Thanks so much for reading!

  1. First of all thank you so much for the button love. I look amazing on your blog and in such great company!
    Your list could be my list. Accept the pictures and map bit. Those I can do… But there are at least ten more I can substitute those with :)

    • Stasha – you’re so very welcome! Proud to have your button here :) I do love your photography, I don’t have that one down yet but like I said, hopefully I’ve got some other good points to make up for it. Thanks for reading!

  2. Oh hi my long-lost TWIN!
    And…was that YOU behind me in the car today? Or was it me behind you sighing dramatically and mouthing “GO!!!”?? (-:

    • I’m glad I’m not the only angry driver and other people have trouble reading maps as well – haha! Thanks so much for reading Alison!

    • That’s the sometimes paralyzing fear – no do-overs! Worrying less sure feels good though. Thanks for reading Beth!

  3. You can’t possibly be worse at number 3 than I am! But I can’t seem to get Stasha to accompany me everywhere I go and take them for me. I’m not sure why…

    • Haha – I know, Stasha’s pictures are always so good! I’m a little embarrassed of mine in comparison at times but there are other things I’m really good at :) Thanks so much Jacqui!

  4. I have to listen to gospel music in the car otherwise I might backslide, or succumb to temptation and make a deal with the devil to actually arrive safely and on time.

    I will of course be singing along – loudly. which should help keep all other drivers at a safe, and muted distance.

    • LOL – I love singing in the car really loud, I have to admit. And the louder I turn up the radio or cd, the more I sound just like Adele. Amazing how that works, haha! Thanks so much for reading!

    • I really had no idea how many other moms were not only into photography but were amazing at it! Hope my little iPhone pics are enough for now :) Thanks Bridget!

    • Very glad I’m among similar, great moms here! Maybe if I just turn up the music and sing more, I won’t get so annoyed at other drivers and will be able to take more pictures of my son laughing or covering his ears :) Thanks Christina!

  5. Oh the phone photos – guilty! I wish I was good at taking pictures too. (on my list as well) And maps – I figured that’s why the GPS was invented. Far safer to use than a massive map that takes up the entire interior of your vehicle! Fun list!

  6. With you all the way except the maps. Other drivers, the bane of my existence. It must be something about the acoustics in the car, I always sound good there too. LOL

    • The car is just a great place to sing. I could make the final cuts of American Idol if I could sing in my car the whole time, haha! Thanks Paul!

  7. I love it! I’m not crafty at all! Glad to know, also, there is a another blogger out there who isn’t a picture expert! My fancy camera? My iPhone! LOL

    • My iPhone is my fancy camera too – LOL! No crafts for me either but I can cook and love watching Pixar movies, that counts for something, right? :) Thanks for reading Yoli!

    • Yea, I think I used to be a little better but as I’ve gotten older, I’m really noticed – no patience at all! Haha :) Thanks Audrey!

    • I really love some of the craft projects I’ve seen other people make and sometimes wish I could do that but I know, it’s just not in me. Thanks for reading Nona!

    • Really good artists are so amazing to me. I swear the images look good in my head but to get them out on paper, not happening. Thanks for reading Dominique!

  8. LOl. #8 is so me. I’m Asian. And I hate Asian drivers. Especially little old Asian ladies. They never, ever follow the rules of the road. They think they own the road. And they’re too short to even see the road over the steering wheel! Ok. Ok. I’m gonna stop there… 😉

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