Monday Listicle – Living the Good (Easy) Life

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Looks relaxing, doesn't it? I'm feeling super pampered after writing this one.

I love shows on discovery channel, especially shows about surviving off the land. Man Woman Wild is one of my favorites but I also got kind of obsessed with a special they showed called Alaska: The Last Frontier. The show is about Kilcher family who truly live off the land, have no running water and eat whatever they grow, fish or hunt for.

I absolutely love the beautiful area in Alaska where this family lives. I love the idea of a log cabin on a big plot of land, far from city noise and annoying neighbors but I also know my limits. I’m no Kilcher. I admire and marvel at the way they live, so simply and naturally with the land but after watching the show, I immediately think about all the things I’d miss or may not really even know how to cope without in my modern day existence.

So, for this weeks listicle subject from TerriTen things/people/services that make life easier, I immediately thought of some of the things I think I’d seriously miss should I ever try and take on a real life discovery channel type of “survive in the wild” expedition.

5 Things That Make My Life Easier

1. Modern Bathrooms/Running Water – They discus the outhouse situation several times on the Alaska show. In below freezing winter temperatures. I just can’t even begin to imagine.

2. Our Dishwasher – You mean I can’t just load up the dishes after dinner, turn on a machine and watch tv?

3. The Washing Machine – I wish the women would have been interviewed more or told more about every day life because I know while the men were hunting, they were scrubbing clothes by hand in buckets of cold freaking water. Maybe that’s actually why they didn’t talk to the women Kilcher’s more on the show.

4. Our Coffee Maker
– Ok, I could still make coffee in the wilderness but…I’m guess I’m spoiled.

5. The Microwave Oven – I actually do like to cook and use the stove a lot but I know as soon as I don’t have one, microwave popcorn and re-heating left overs is all I’m going to want to do.

5 People That Make My Life Easier

1. Garbage Collectors – They haul away my filthy, stinky trash in the wee hours of the morning. While I’m still in bed, they are picking up everything we don’t want to deal with. These people have my deepest gratitude.

2. Mail Carriers – For bringing me my favorite magazines, catalogs, letters and birthday gifts sent from far away, I thank you!

3. Coffee Baristas – It’s a true love-hate relationship as I almost didn’t add these often snotty, pretentious, “constantly annoyed by a customers mere presence” individuals to my list but sometimes, I just really need my vanilla latte. The day I learn to make my own and can afford the machine to do so, “baristas – you’re fired!”

4. Grocery Baggers – (Funny how I’m feeling more and more lazy and spoiled as this list goes on. Actually, not cool.) I really do appreciate that there is someone to load up my groceries for me while I dig through my purse for my wallet which I hopefully didn’t forget on the kitchen counter (again) while telling my son to put the candy back on the rack every 2 seconds as our food is rung up.

5. My Husband – Tag teaming on bad days with the little one, listening when I just need to talk, rushing to the rescue to kill spiders or any creepy crawly thing that has freaked me out in out house, I could go on! No guilt on this one though, I make his life easier too in lots of different ways.

The Discovery show on Alaska is really awesome if you get a chance to check it out and *fun fact – the Kilcher family they feature on the show is singer Jewel‘s father and grandfather. Crazy!

So what 10 things or people make your life easier? Can’t wait to read and find out!
Happy Monday Listicles!

26 thoughts on “Monday Listicle – Living the Good (Easy) Life

  1. I have a love hate relationship with baristas too. I love how handsome the one at drive thru is but I hate how misunderstood I always am.
    I am all about wilderness and log cabins in Alaska but if there is no 4G, FORGET ‘BOUT IT!! Great list, I love your intro.

    • At least you have baristas that are nice to look at, I’d take that over the attitude I so often get around here. Sigh…Love your espresso machine! I’m with you but I love watching those survival shows. I bet Alaska would be just as beautiful if I stayed in a cabin with 4G, cable t.v. and a hot tub 🙂 Thanks so much for reading Stasha!

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m laughing out loud about the washing machine. I just bet those women would have a lot to say! Ha!!

    I could never, ever, never. If that makes me spoiled, so be it. 😀

    • I have so many questions for those women in Alaska, I wish they would do a whole episode of just the women and all the stuff they do to take care of their families. I know I’d be blown away – haha! I couldn’t do it either but it does look beautiful there 🙂 Thanks so much Greta!

    • Yea, not having to haul in buckets of water or wash clothes by hand – two things I’m pretty thankful for 🙂 Thanks Ava!

  3. When I was in Belize one of the Mayan women told me how hard she thought raising her 5 children was and asked if I had the same problem. I said, well…not really…but I have a microwave and a dishwasher.

    Spoiled? Yes. Yes, indeed.

    • Wow – Belize! I bet that was an awesome trip. I think about things like that now when I find myself getting really crabby about doing housework, laundry or loading the dishwasher, it could be so much MORE work than it really is. Thanks for reading Bridget!

    • Me too Yoli! How would we ever have time for cool things like Twitter and Pinterest if we had to wash everything by hand?!?! No thank you 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Love your intro and list. Those live off the land shows rock. I’d never do it but…
    Never heard why coffee is bitter? Because of the waiter/barista who served it.
    Out houses do not rock. I was probably 10 before my grandparents had an indoor toilet and our farmhouse didn’t have one when we moved in either. Canadian winters are frosty. Here’s to indoor plumbing.

    • LOL – That IS why coffee is so bitter sometimes! Oh no, an outhouse in the cold, Canadian winter, now that is seriously roughing it. I love indoor pluming. I truly do. Thanks for reading Paul!

  5. Fabulous list! I should have added coffee baristas! Life in the wilderness would surely be tough. I would, however, find a way to have my coffee. If I had to boil tree bark and then grind it down with a rock. Then gather wood and kindling. The figure out how to make fire. Then find something to boil water in. Hollow out a gourd maybe.
    Where’s a good barista when you need one?

    • Haha – Terri, I seriously admire your love and commitment to coffee! I think I’d have to figure out a way too, tree bark and all. Thanks so much and great Listicle topic this week 🙂

    • Or is the question, who would want to live anywhere without coffee? haha! It’s a love deep and true. Think I’d rather have running water if I had to choose but coffee is a very close second. Thanks Audrey!

    • Yes, can’t forget that microwave either. I try to cook more on the stove but even now, some microwave popcorn is sounding really good! Thanks for reading Jamie!

    • Yea, I don’t think I’d do very well if I was born 100 years ago but I guess you adapt to whatever you’re used to. I think I’m glad I was born when and where I was 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

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