Drop By Drop

This is my first linkup with Sarah from Little White Whale. This week’s quote:

A jug fills drop by drop ~Buddha

Life becomes full, little by little, in everyday small ways.

on the bridge at the park

We achieve goals, overcome fears, learn lessons, become better – become more,
one small step at a time.

So often, the finish line become the focus when all the excitement is experienced and felt and really remembered from the journey itself.

Lou drinking his morning smoothie

Small changes, gestures of love, random acts of kindness – these can change your day, your life and the world around you.

Each drop, an important part of the whole.

enjoying the sun on the back porch

The little things matter.

And drop by drop, the jug fills.

Little White Whale

19 thoughts on “Drop By Drop

    • Thanks so much Kerstin! Yes, I have to remind myself at times but it is the every day small moments that are easy to miss but also mean so much 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

    • Thank you Jen – that first picture is on a bridge at a park he used to be scared of but recently overcame it and now loves to walk and play on it! A small moment I was so glad I got to capture. Thank you for reading!

    • Thank you so much Carinn, I always appreciate your kind comments! I have to remind myself at times to stop and be present 🙂 I’m glad you liked this one, thanks so much for reading!

  1. wow, your lil man is such a cutie! Loved the line “each drop is an important part of the whole.” Could not be truer. It’s good to love the journey. Well, okay, I know in reality it’s hard to love every part of the journey–but at least we can realize and understand that there is purpose in the process. We learn. We learn. We learn. Thanks for linking up Anna!

    • Thank you – he’s a handsome, charming trouble maker 🙂 That is so what I strive to do, understand there is a purpose and figure what I can learn from the moment. Everyday I am reminded I am still a padawan (student). Thanks so much for reading Sarah, love this link up and quote!

    • Thanks so much Alison! I try to remind myself of this as well. We always remember little things that make us upset but the small, good things have great impact as well. Thanks so much for reading!

    • Thank you 🙂 I have to say, for whatever reason, my son decided last winter is hates the zip up footie pajamas and it made me so sad! I’m glad you liked this picture though, he’s still got some cute ones to wear. Thanks so much for reading Jamie!

  2. As a whole, this is a beautiful piece, created by each singular thought you had on the quote…word, photo, word….drop, drop, drop….expression is like this, each choice being significant to the outcome. The outcome here being a poetic tribute to your insight and love of life. Beautiful work! Thank you for the gentle yet powerful reminder.

    • Thank you so much Kim! You totally got my almost stream of consciousness approach on this one, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out or be received. Thanks so much for reading and for your kind comments.

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