Summer S.O.S.

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I’m officially sending out a cry for help, from my blog to you.

I need your help as I am wading my way through a kind of summer labyrinth, a maze of mood swings and unusual, unpredictable dislikes from the toddler.

Let me introduce you to his current list of disdain.

#1 – Movies
soda and twizzlers at the movies

Some of our local theatres are showing FREE kids matinee movies this summer. I researched the schedule and let my son know that we could go see Puss in Boots the following morning because it would be too hot for the park or outside play (106 degrees that day). He was all excited and in to it.

That morning, he wakes up in a horrible mood and says no way is he going to any movie. He actually wakes up “in a mood” fairly often and then snaps out of it later so I didn’t pay much attention and off we went.

45 minutes in, I’m embarrassingly walking out with my son after he won’t stop yelling (in between mouth fulls of popcorn), “Bad Movie! Let’s Go. I’m going home NOW!”.

*Disclaimer: I actually took him to see Puss In Boots when it was a new release in the theatre. He sat for the while movie, loved it and asked to see it again.

#2 – Water
kids playing at a water park

As in swimming and/or water parks of any kind. I’ve made several offers to take him swimming and his favorite park even has fountains with water that squirt up from the ground. My son will not even go near them. He will let me push him in the swings or will sit and eat a snack as long as not a drop of water touches his body. No matter how hot it is outside. I’m generally fine with this but now that we are up to triple digit weather, it’s not even safe and mama ain’t doing it.

#3 – Play Areas

At a mall play area

He has also decided he does not like any of the play areas at our local malls. Too loud, too many kids.

#4 – Story Time
reading at the library

We go to the library at least once a week and he has no say about this. This is one of our outings that is also for me. I love the library and he always ends up finding books and having me read to him, even on the days he protests going.

But not on the day they have Story Time, oh no. He’s NOT going in to Story Time, even with me right there with him.

So let’s review:

  • no movies
  • no swimming
  • no mall play areas
  • no story time

And it’s not even July. Did I mention we are already in triple digit weather and it’s not going to get better from here?

What he will do is watch cartoons or movies on Netflix at home. Which is ok but I limit his t.v. time and I don’t think watching shows all day every day is good for anyone. He needs exercise and activity, fresh air and some sun light.

And I fully admit, I loose my mind being cooped up in the house all day every day.

He is my beautiful little Rubik’s Cube and the only way I ever won that game was by taking it apart and putting it back together.

You can’t cheat like that with a three year old…can you?

We still have two more months of summer left and I’m bumping in to walls, unable to find my way out of this maze, with no idea how to keep the toddler entertained and happy. Two More Months.


Or at least send ice cream. With gummy bears.

Coldstone ice cream with gummy bears

9 thoughts on “Summer S.O.S.

  1. when it’s hot and they are tired also, my kids get like this too. things they normally love to do, they decline to do. then an hour later they pitch a fit because they’ve changed their mind and want to go. then you get there and they enjoy it for 15 minutes and are bored and ready to leave. agghhh! Sometimes I think they go through phases where they just want to be home among their own “stuff”. Just like how us adults can go through a “hermit” phase if we are stressed, or overwhelmed and tired. It’s busy being a toddler.
    I keep a good supply of chalk, bubbles, sidewalk paint, and fill up the kiddie pool for those scorcher days. But at our house, the sandbox is my salvation. And a little water table beside it. They will spend hours there. hours! While I sit on the deck, ice tea in hand. win win.

    • Oh my gosh, so good to know I am not alone on this. It’s exactly what my son does too – doesn’t want to go, then later throws a fit because he’s changed his mind, we go and he immediately wants to leave. So frustrating! I guess it’s normal though, you are right, it’s busy being a toddler. I would love a sandbox and water table, actually had one picked out. I know my son would love that as well. Thanks so much for the ideas and for reading and understanding :)

  2. It sounds like me during the NYC winters. Stir.Crazy.

    How about a tent? My son loves when I pull out the tent. Since we live in a teeny tiny apartment we need something small and easily put away (pop-up tents). It only takes one the size of a large cardboard box to unleash imagination. We put all his stuffed animals in there and call it their home. Then we take them out and put every ball he has in the hole at the top. Then he jumps inside with all the balls.

    There are a million variations of things you can do with something like a kids tent. Some of them can be pretty pricey but if you ask me it’s worth the investment. Not ready to commit? IKEA has a GREAT circus tent for $19.99. Give it a try!

    • Your tent idea is awesome! I tried to build one with blankets in the winter but he was unimpressed- haha! I think buying one would be a good investment though, especially one he can put all his stuffed animals in as well :) Thanks so much Carinn, you always know what I’m going through and I really appreciate your suggestions and you stopping by!

  3. It’s July! Has it gotten better? I agree that watching television all day everyday is not good. I did that very thing during the heat wave, and although I tried to watch “intellectual” programming, even the commercials….oh boy. I like the tent idea, too. And well, I just hope it’s going better!

    • Thanks Kim! The heat wave finally broke here so that has helped a lot. Those over 100 degree temps are too much for everyone. I’m hoping the rest of the summer stays manageable, just taking each day as it comes with the toddler 😉 Thanks so much for reading Kim!

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