Summer – Friend or Foe

Lou wearing my sunglasses

This kind of summer heat requires some big time shades

It’s mid July, another 100+ degree day with high humidity and I am officially ready to break up with summer.

I can’t believe I’ve previously made it through two pregnancies during summer months while living here in Missouri, although I do feel this summer is a little different with our weeks of record breaking high temperatures and drought conditions.

It’s harsh. It could be worse but man, this summer has been harsh.

I’m not much of a hot weather person anyway so it’s not unusual that I feel this way but with some willingness to find the brighter side of things, I thought it would be interesting to make some lists (I do love the lists!) and do a little comparison.

Good Things About Summer:

1. Sun is out – vitamin D! Spirits lifted, feeling good!

2. Longer days – could we actually have those extra hours we always wish for?

3. Popsicles and/or ice-cream can pass for a meal, usually lunch and a cold desert becomes almost necessary after dinner.

4. My summer uniform: flip flops – tank top – shorts/light skirt or sundress (I don’t think I’ve worn a real shoe in two months).

The Parts I Could Do Without:

1. Multiple showers & clothing changes per day because –

2. High humidity = non stop sweat. Sweaty clothes, never feeling clean. Sweaty underwear. Yes, I went there.

3. This also means, playing outside and going to the park becomes almost impossible and actually unsafe at times unless you’re swimming or playing in the water while also staying hydrated and my son is having none of that.

4. Toddler who will not nap but is up with the sun and has a hard time going to bed before it’s completely dark outside.

And now, just for my own cheering up!

Things I Love About Fall and Winter:

1. Soft, warm, cozy sweaters, scarves, socks and boots.

2. Cuddling under a warm blanket and reading or watching tv.

3. Cooking and baking – home made vegetable soup, chocolate chip cookies, crock pot dinners and warm garlic bread. (I know you can have these in the summer too but they usually don’t sound as good and it’s already way too hot in the kitchen for all that with the stove.)

4. The way the air smells in the fall, burning wood and fire pits, s’mores, knitting, brisk afternoon walks, early morning runs, driving with the windows down, sipping hot coffee to warm up.

I have to admit, that felt good just to write.

While we are finding some fun things to do here and there this summer, I am wholeheartedly looking forward to the seasons changing and cooler, shorter days ahead.

Are you having a good summer? What are your favorite things or are you looking forward to winter like me? How are you and your little ones staying busy and cool?

4 thoughts on “Summer – Friend or Foe

  1. “Yes, I went there” – ha! Laughing over here!

    I am SOOO with you. I hate the summer. NYC doesn’t get the numbers you are talking about (although yesterday we broke 100) but the humidity is stiffing. I can’t stand it.

    I would trade the worst winter day for nearly any day of summer. I do like spring, but I also enjoy it with such trepidation, knowing what is just around the corner. Blech – summer!

    Fall? It’s HEAVEN to me.

    • I love you so much Carinn, I don’t know why I’ve been holding back saying those exact words but – I hate summer too! The humidity is the worst, even if you’re not getting 100+, hot and sticky is hot and sticky. My husband does not agree but I would also take a horrible, cold winter day over this stuff anytime. I just heard on the news, above average temps expected through October. Through October. This is not ok. I’m dreaming of fall right alone with you! Thank you so much for reading!

  2. as you know, our summer has been so hot too. But I don’t mind the hot so much…’s the incredible lack of rain! that is unheard of around here. it’s like we went to bed, and woke up in the desert! the humidity seems to have passed because there have been summer storms all around us – but nothing here.
    I never thought I’d wish for rain. and when it finally comes, we will dance in it.
    of course, irony is – we will likely be camping by then and not able to sleep in our flooded tent. ha ha

    • Yes, the lack of rain here is bad too, drought-like conditions are what the news keeps saying. I actually do like the rain, especially thunderstorms at night so I will dance along with you once it finally happens – haha! I do hope you don’t get rained out while camping though, soggy anything, not cool! Thanks so much for reading Rory!

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