blue sky, green trees and an open road ahead

Forgiveness can throw off anchors holding you back, keeping you down, weighing heavy on your soul.

It can set you free.

It can help you heal and move forward.

Forgiveness can rebuild and renew relationships, open your heart and move your life in new directions.

In most cases, once I’m over the initial feelings of hurt or betrayal or just wondering how the person I’m upset with could be so cold/shitty/dishonest/hurtful or whatever the case may be, I can usually find a way to forgive. If for nothing else, to at least let myself off the hook, let go of the anger and pain and move on.

But forgiving myself when I feel I’ve failed, disappointed, under performed or lacked the strength to do or say what was needed, that’s a much tricker business.

I am also beginning to believe, this is the most important kind of forgiving we can do.

Blame and self loathing closes doors.

It can make us blind to possibilities, to the goodness both around us and within. Shame can disguise our true power, hide our real insight and keep us from being able to see the causes for our self criticisms so we can conquer them.

Sometimes, our feelings are justified – to a point. Sometimes we do mess up, make bad choices, hurt people we love, say the wrong thing or fail stand up for ourselves and what we believe.

But if we can find a way to forgive others for their mistakes and missteps, even if just to free ourselves, to use our energy to go forward with some new wisdom and understanding, aren’t we worth that kind of forgiveness too ? Because as much as we can learn from others, we can learn so much more just by being mindful and really knowing ourselves.

Mistakes make for painful lessons but they can be lessons all the same.

And I need possibilities, I need doors wide open to good and better – everything.
A blue sky and open road ahead.

Forgiveness, I will find the way.

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