What Really Matters

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When I first read about Kristen Stewart’s affair with her married, “Snow White and the Huntsman” director, several thoughts went through my mind.

How stupid can they be?

What? His wife is a model!

Why is this so common?

Because as we all know, Hollywood affairs seem to happen all the time. It’s hardly news anymore. In fact, a famous couple still going strong after several years – now that’s news.

And I may be a little naive but my first reaction is usually, “What? What the hell?” when I hear about yet another actor/singer/entertainer with beauty, talent and tons of money doing something as stupid and cliche as this.

That may sound misguided on my part but is it so unusual?

Don’t we all think of believe on some level that we would have it made if we only had all the things these celebrities have? Or everything we perceive that everyone but us have? Doesn’t the grass always look greener when the “if onlys” creep in?

How many times have I thought my life would be so much better, happier and easier, if only:

  • I could lose 10 more pounds.
  • Afford the car I’ve been lusting over.
  • My closet actually looked like my style board on Pinterest.
  • I had a nanny, cook and housekeeper. Ok, even just a housekeeper.

Basically, if I just had a lot more time and money.

But these people had a lot of time and money, a lot more than me, a lot more than most and they still f-ed up their relationships and possibly careers.

Even being a beautiful model didn’t keep Liberty Ross, the directors wife, from being cheated on and I bet her closet would have me drooling for days.

We are all just human, even the super rich and famous. We will still make mistakes and need to make good choices because any kind of real, lasting peace and happiness comes from within. The rest is just…stuff.

I will say, I am no Kristen Stewart fan and never have been but it was nice to see someone admit to the situation and apologize.

And it’s a good reminder that no one’s life is perfect and money and looks definitely don’t make it that way.

So instead of worrying about what I don’t have – the clothes, the car or looking like a super model in my skinny jeans, it made me take another look at what I do have and it’s not looking too shabby:

A healthy, fit body.
A safe, comfortable home.
A loving husband and son.
A car that runs.
Clothes and shoes that fit and some that even look pretty cute.

I may not have a lot but what I have is good and more importantly, it is enough. And sometimes just being able to recognize that can bring a sense of peace and happiness all it’s own.

4 thoughts on “What Really Matters

  1. Sometimes I think celebrities are worse off than us. We have more immediate purpose in our lives, aspirations, dreams. I would think if you were given anything that money could buy you’d be hard pressed to cultivate goals and dreams. I think that’s why celebs often turn to drugs, that’s all they have left to conquer.

    • That is such a good point, things may feel very empty to them. Even though we always wish for less struggle, that is how we grow and learn and it’s often part of the process that actually brings some of our happiness and fulfillment. Awesome comment Carinn, thank you so much for reading!

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