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Today was huge for me. HUGE!

As I’ve gotten more comfortable with this blog, gathered a bit more experience and spent time thinking about personal goals and mapping out where I’d like to go from here, I realized I really want to follow the direction of things I feel passionate about:

– Natural health and wellness
– Fitness and Yoga
– Buddhism and spirituality
And just being continually open to continued growth, introspection and learning.

One of the ways I’d like to go about this is through writing and sharing information with others.

So I started with a small goal, just to submit a post to one of my favorite sites.
But this was an important goal because:

A. It’s scary. This is a big site I read almost daily for the tons of information they provide on exactly all of my passions and interests listed above and more.


B. They have a lot of great people writing for them, people I admire. They range from yoga teachers, meditation instructors, nutritionists and even a few celebs.

After a lot of “Oh my god, what if I’m not good enough?” “What if I never hear back?” “What if they say my post is terrible?” and on and on, I finally took the leap.

The site I submitted to is called MindBodyGreen.

Today, the post I submitted went live on their site!!!

I am freaking out but in a really good, super unexpected happiness kind of way.

Thank you so much to everyone who stops by and reads my words. Thank you so much for leaving comments or retweeting or just saying hi online.

And please take a look at what I hope to be my first of many published posts –

5 Ways Yoga Makes You A Better Mom by Anna Mahler (holy…that’s me!)

While you’re there, take a look around. MindBodyGreen is an incredible site, full of great information, insight and knowledge.

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