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Have you been to DoYouYoga? It’s another one of those sites I fell in love with instantly and another great resource for everything from yoga and meditation to inspiration, health and spirituality.

I’m also excited to let you know, I’m honored to be contributing to this amazing site on a monthly basis, starting with this month! My first piece went live today:

3 Reasons Why Bad Moods Are Wonderful.

It’s true – I was inspired by my own bad mood, personal experience is always great inspiration, but I also learned from it.

Once I was willing to accept what was happening and look deeper, I was amazed at how much better I felt! It can even be a little scary at first and while I do believe it’s unfair to take your mood out on those around you, I now also believe that fighting against your own feelings does far more harm than good.

You can read the rest of the article by clicking on the picture below or link above.
3 Reasons WHy Bad Moods Are Wonderful

And if you have not already, I encourage you to take a look around at DoYouYoga.com. Great articles and tons of awesome information!

What do you think – how do you handle bad moods? Have you ever learned anything about yourself from a really bad day?

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4 comments on “Stop Fighting Your Bad Mood

  • Loved that article! and it is so so true. I have Irish/Scottish heritage…so my moods can Just Let Fly sometimes, which is not necessarily a good thing; for anyone. ha. But I also have learned that it does take quite a bit of stress/pressure/frustration for me to get to that point, so when it happens: I know I have to check-in with myself. Sure enough, I’ve probably be answering, “how are you?”, with “fine, just fine,” for weeks. Until it is abundantly clear; I am Not fine at all. Once that gets through me thick Celtic head…I can stop, breathe and refocus. People are afraid of their bad moods, sometimes rightly so. But if you can’t stand yourself at your worst – how could anyone else? And how are you going deserve your best?

    • Irish/Scottish – that’s awesome! Checking in with ourselves is the key, I completely agree. I grew up in a family where people didn’t really talk about or express their feelings much but I’ve learned the hard way, suppressing and avoiding can do a lot of damage. Thank you so much for reading Rory!

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