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Summer seemed to crawl by, carrying us on waves on unrelenting heat, humidity and days of boredom from it being too hot to even play outside. Then suddenly it seems, September is here and things have gone from slow motion to super high speed!

This month has brought some awesome changes like preschool and nice, cool weather but it’s also been a bit more on the stressful side. Adjusting to all the changes in daily routine, our environment and how life feels like it’s speeding up can be taxing. (And the holiday rush hasn’t even started – yikes!)

Here are a few ways I’ve been trying to keep as calm and stress-free as possible:

1. Exercise

This is one of the best and easiest ways to take care of your health – physically and mentally. Exercise helps you manage stress, releases those awesome endorphins that make you feel oh so good and the effects can carry you through the day. For me, it’s also a time I make my own, a way I pamper myself and clear my head. I feel stronger and more stable for it. This month when things started really getting to me, I made morning yoga a priority and started practicing daily. I can’t describe how much this helped and how much better I felt.

2. Meditation
I have to be honest, I am not as good about this as I really should be and I’ve written about the many the healing benefits. Like exercise, for feeling more relaxed and being able to better deal with stressful situations, meditation is like magic. Since I often struggle to make time for this, I worked it in to my morning yoga time. Getting up 10 minutes earlier means the last 10 minutes of my workout are used just for sitting meditation.

3. Unplug
I don’t always realize when I’m becoming overwhelmed from trying to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, all the blogs I want to read plus keeping up with my own. Even more strange, I’ll feel a little guilty about not checking in with all these sites several times a day. That’s when I know it’s time to step away and I always feel much better when I do. It will all be there later, including my own blog. Just a weekend or a few days break usually feels refreshing and even helps inspire me with post ideas which is just going to add to feeling better and happier!

4. Read More (or any activity that soothes you)
I grew up loving to read but as I’ve gotten older and responsibilities naturally increase, I think it’s common that doing some of the things we don’t exactly need to do but love to do get pushed farther back. Kind of ironic because allowing time for these kinds of peaceful activities that truly sooth us is another key to keeping stress at bay and taking good care of ourselves. Reading, knitting, writing, cooking, bike riding – anything you naturally enjoy, things that make you feel like – you, are going to be beneficial.

5. Acceptance
May sound strange but just practicing acceptance can also be really beneficial to becoming more calm, peaceful and happy. A few of my favorites to work on:

  • I can’t control everything – thank goodness because I don’t all that responsibility!
  • The only constant is change – which also means everything is temporary so don’t get too attached, enjoy and try to live fully in the moment because it will not last.
  • Worrying doesn’t help – make plans, make lists, prepare for things but know, anything can happen and things are usually not as bad as the stories we tell ourselves. Getting really emotionally upset only hurts you.

Writing in my journal, spending time with good people and taking time to care for myself with kindness, patience and compassion does far more good thank worrying and getting stressed out.

Hope your fall is starting out great! How are some of the ways you are keeping yourself healthy and relaxed?

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2 comments on “Keeping Calm In Times of Change

    • I totally agree – I think I put off or avoid writing in my journal sometimes because it means coming face to face with what’s bothering me but it’s one of those things that absolutely always works wonders for me as well. Along with yoga and stepping back for more alone or quiet time and I’m usually much better after not too long 🙂 Thanks so much Carinn!

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