Did you know…September is National Yoga Month!

I’ve been tossing around a few ideas, thinking of what I wanted to share on my blog to celebrate this and recently came across this video along with a whole lot of debate that kind of surprised me.

First, here’s the video from YouTube. This is yoga instructor Briohny Smyth with her husband, Dice Iida-Klein, demonstrating Acro Yoga.

When I first watched this video, it took my breath away. I instantly loved it.

I was amazed by their strength, especially Briohny’s, along with her calmness and control while doing all these balances and acrobatic poses.

I felt like there is also a beautiful gentleness between the two people, a few times when we see her face, Briohny is softly smiling, appearing relaxed and happy, gazing down at her husband.

This is no yoga I’ve ever done or probably will ever do. I’m no gymnast and don’t have this kind of flexibility but to me, this video does show a true essence of yoga; the combination of calmness and strength, stretching without struggling or forcing, experiencing the power, fluidity and grace of our own bodies.

The issue people seem to have taken with this is that it’s too sexual or that it is using sex to sell yoga.

Around the same time I first discovered this video, I also read a post about it at ItsAllYogaBaby.com Below is a quote from the post:

Will this video capture the imagination of the masses? What more can we say about sexualized yoga advertising – is it art or commerce, objectifying or empowering, beautiful or alienating? Will it drive people to the yoga mat or drive them away from the practice? Does it inspire a disciplined yoga practice or make committed yogis feel crappy about their regular bodies?

You can read the entire article here.

While there is no shortage of sex in advertising in our culture, I just don’t see this video in that light. I do get a great sense of intimacy and love between these two yogi’s and maybe that’s making people uncomfortable.

I don’t see it as super sexual either but I don’t know if that would make me turn away. To me, sex between consenting adults, especially those in love and committed to each other is one of the most natural, beautiful and awesome things we have the honor of experiencing as human beings in our lifetimes. There has to be a lot of trust and understanding between two partners for the type of poses done in this video, two things that are also needed for a happy, healthy relationship.

Lastly, it does not make me feel crappy about my “regular” body. It inspires me, reminds me of the love and grace that we are capable of, our inner and outer strength and the beauty and uniqueness we all posses.

After doing yoga for some time now and feeling dedicated, empowered and in love with this practice, I don’t think a video or commercial would make me not want to do it anymore anyway. If you love working out at the gym every day and you see a commercial for a fitness center with a bunch of uber fit models on treadmills, would it make you not want to exercise anymore?

Seems kind of silly to me but this is all just my opinion.

What do you think? How does this video make you feel – about yoga or about yourself? Do you see the beauty or just another sexualized advertisement?


8 comments on “Too Much Sex In The Yoga?

  • I can say this; that video makes me want to do yoga really bad!

    Is that video sexualized? Yes, but is that wrong? I agree with what you say that regarding sex. It is the most natural, beautiful, and awesome thing we can experience as humans; we should embrace and celebrate it, as those 2 in the video seem to do. It’s a thing of beauty.

    I can say that sex between myself and my partner brings closeness, trust and intimacy that can not be brought on in any other way. It’s a closeness and understanding that cannot be described in words.

    • Yes, I admit I do see the video as sexy also, I guess I just don’t see that as a negative or something that would make me want to stop doing yoga or any kind of exercise I love. Thank you so much for reading and sharing such great thoughts and insight on this!

  • I agree with you on this point – that it does not sexualize or commercialize yoga. Though I have had many debates (and still wonder) whether acro yoga is truly yoga. To me it seems more like acrobatics and less like yoga — more in the vein of Cirque du Soleil. But I will say you made the best case I have ever heard. Yoga is many things to many people and I’ve never felt in a place to judge what is yoga and what isn’t but it’s not a form I am likely to practice. Beautiful to watch though!

    • Yes! Cirque du Soleil came to mind for me as well. Absolutely, this video doesn’t demonstrate the kind of yoga practice I do, it does seem like a combination of yoga and acrobatics but….still I can see that essence of yoga there or I guess, what yoga means and represents to me. Things like the strength, calm and grace. Such a personal thing. I too just felt the video was beautiful and kind of awe inspiring. I enjoyed watching it, could appreciate it and had no ill feelings about any part of it. Thank you so much for the thoughtful comments Carinn!

  • Who cares what we call it….let’s all try it!! LOL

    I love yoga – it is so relaxing and brings me a sense of calm. Since having babies and the toll that takes on your body, it has put me back in touch with my body; and that is a kind of intimacy in of itself.
    I don’t really see the video as “sexy” – at least not in the flashy, vulgar sense that is often used to sell something. It is most certainly intimate though. The closeness between the partners. The trust that must exist between them. And I think that is a fabulous thing to explore: in the physical sense. It takes you beyond just sex in my opinion. So clearly, as a married lady, I would not practice this yoga with any one other than my spouse. But oh yeah – we’d be game for sure!

    • You raised a great point and I think that’s why I don’t see this video as overly sexy either – I don’t see it in a flashy, vulgar way that so often describes “sexy” but intimate – absolutely! That kind of closeness and trust is beautiful indeed. So glad you’ve been enjoying the relaxation and calm of yoga, especially for us moms – it’s so welcomed! Thanks so much for reading Rory!

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