Continuing with my posts to celebrate September as National Yoga Month, I’m sharing a few of my “yoga favorites” – videos, resources and poses.

It may sound a little usual to some but I’ve never been to a yoga class outside of my living room. I don’t belong to a gym, don’t have the extra income to take outside classes right now and don’t have extra child care but that has never stopped me. Exercise is too important to let money dictate and with so many options available now, online and with DVDs, a home practice can be just as satisfying, enjoyable and beneficial.

Below are a few videos I’ve found over time and really enjoy as well as a few other favorites!

First I have to say, you know how on some of those t.v. weight loss shows, they feature trainers that yell and scream, insulting and talking down to the people working out? Yea, I really, REALLY hate that. That kind of behavior does not motivate, inspire or make me feel good about working out at all. So along with these being some of my favorite yoga practices, they also feature teachers and an overall tone that is positive, calm, supportive and inspiring.

Favorite Free (Youtube) Yoga Videos

Detox Flow with Clara Roberts-Oss is a great, short but challenging routine. I try to rotate my videos and this is always worked in at least once a week if not more. It’s so beautiful and relaxing, I really fell in love with this one.

Tara Stiles 10 minute crazy core video is amazing. I will sometimes do this routine first before whatever practice I’m doing that morning. For such a short video, this will rock your abs – you will be feeling this one.

Great Online Resource

The Yoga Journal magazine website is another great resource for information, articles and insight. The site also provides short, instructional videos online (for free – yay!) at as well.

Not Free But Awesome

Body By Bethany DVD cover
Image source

This is probably my favorite video, the foundation of my practice right now and I really love Kristin McGee who leads this practice for Bethenny Frankel. She’s easy to follow and good at explaining the asanas as she takes you through this routine. Her tone is also really positive and wonderful as well.

Favorite Poses to Practice

Side Triangle

Woman demonstrating side triangle pose in yoga
Image source yogainsights

Not only is triangle a great stretch for the waist, it works your hamstrings, arms and shoulders. Taking a few breaths in this pose always leaves me feeling stronger and more stable.


woman demonstrating Pigeon pose in yoga
Image source –

Pigeon is a great hip opener. It’s a deep stretch and can be a challenging pose but feels incredibly good, releasing tension and stress. This is a great way to begin winding down toward the end of your practice.

In Conclusion
These are just a few of the expansive videos and resources now available to anyone interested in studying, beginning a practice or even expanding on existing knowledge and experience. Taking some time to find what feels and works right for you can be extremely rewarding and definitely beneficial for overall health and wellness.

Hope you enjoyed my favorites! I’d love to hear about yours – share with me in comments if you’d like. Do you have a home practice at the moment? What are a few of your favorite poses?

Happy Yoga Month!

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