Is it harder to not know what you want in life or to know but have your goals seem far out of reach?

I’ve been on both sides of this question as most probably have and I don’t know if there is one, simple answer. The answer is probably different for each one of us. What feels worse to me may not be so terrible for you.

Both situations can be difficult, both are uncomfortable and sometimes scary and frustrating as well. Both can make us feel hopeless or sad, confused and grasping.

But both situations can also require the same difficult but simple thing – letting go.

After being disillusioned with previous paths but unsure of what do to next, I finally have an idea of what I’d like to learn, pursue and hopefully be really successful at.

I can picture myself in this new role and what my life might look like but I have no idea how I’m going to be able to make this happen.

It’s another question I have no answer for right now. I just have to be patient. For right now, I have to let go.

Being able to stop or let go in the midst of internal unrest, chaos or turmoil can be the hardest thing to do. Shouldn’t I press on? Keep thinking and pushing myself until I figure everything out? Isn’t stopping or taking a break an excuse to be lazy or escapist?

But how well will I be able to think and figure things out and more importantly, feel my way in the right direction if I’m stretched to the limit, confused, stressed and upset?

The letting go I’m talking about isn’t running away, it’s stepping back to give yourself some space and breath.

The kind of stopping I’m envisioning isn’t giving up, it’s allowing for the rest and meditative break that allows for wisdom within to come through and possibilities to be revealed.

And realizing that not immediately knowing just what to do is a part of our human experience. It’s life, it’s ok to not know. We are here to learn.

Talking with my husband one morning, I posed this same question to him. I never know what he will say but I know it’ll be honest to a fault and am always interested in his insight.

His answer – “I think you have to just decide what you want and then watch it unfold.”

No grasping, forcing, worrying, fighting, stressing or judgements.

So for now, I’m releasing my intentions and wishes to the universe. I’ll do what I can on my end to follow the direction of my goals and with patience, I will watch the path unfold.

Letting go seems to be the theme of life for me at the moment. It was also the topic for my post this month for Learning to Surrender – 4 Ways to Find The Beauty In Letting Go. Please stop by, check it out and let me know what you think!

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6 comments on “Watching The Path Unfold

  • Ugh, I can relate to this so completely. Yet, can I offer a third scenario? When you have decided what you want to do with your time, you achieve at least part of the goal, yet it doesn’t look or feel like you expected. Now I am old enough and experienced enough to not look to a role to fulfill me, yet I am constantly disheartened when my visions don’t live up to reality. Although I have to say, your husband’s words work even with this 3rd scenario. I just keep doing the work and watching it unfold. Being patient, giving it time. Sigh.

    • That is a really good point, reality usually doesn’t look like what we envision for ourselves, even when we reach a goal, so it’s good to realize and recognize that. I do agree with you too, just deciding what you want to do is an achievement. For me, the waiting and being patient is the part I so often have trouble with – haha! Waiting and letting things happen is my goal for now. Thanks so much for reading Carinn!

  • I can completely relate! It’s a give and take with the universe no? The ebb and flow. The push and pull. It does take patience and wisdom to walk between so that things come together organically and authentically. I’m in a similar boat, and for the first time in a long while I can see more of my river ahead than just a few feet. Have trust 🙂

    • I feel that way as well, it’s the ebb and flow that requires some patience and surrender but it’s so worth it. And things coming together organically and authentically is an awesome goal in itself! I’m not sure if anything can feel as good as when that happens and everything just flows. Congratulations on getting to see more of your river ahead – has to make your heart happy 🙂 Thanks so much for reading Sarah!

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