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After hearing about Tara Stiles yoga documentary, I finally got a change to watch the video on YouTube.

For those unfamiliar, Tara Stiles is a well known yoga teacher as well the author of books, Yoga Cures and Slim Calm Sexy Yoga.

Heartland Yogi is about Tara visiting her small, mid western home town of Newton Illinois, to share the experience of yoga by hosting a free outdoor “Yoga Day” for the local residents.

Tara herself admits, she was not sure how yoga day would be received or if many would show up. Newton is an area that admits to being slow to change and the film begins with some entertaining answers from locals to the question, what is yoga.

It’s a great, short film and I especially loved the message Tara shares throughout: Yoga is for everyone! We are all connected and all can benefit from the peace and happiness that yoga brings.

She even briefly touches on what she calls the “nonsense” that sometimes goes on within the yoga community of elitist attitudes and inflated egos and how that can turn people away from the practice. But as she also states, that’s not yoga’s fault and that is not what yoga is really about.

Overall, I thought the video, the message and Tara herself was great to watch.

To learn more about Tara Stiles and her film, MindBodyGreen posted a great interview with her – Q & A With Tara Stiles: Heartland Yogi

You can also learn more about Tara at her website –

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    • Yoga really is amazing, I hope you get a chance to try it and see how it feels for you. You are right, I am pretty passionate about it 🙂 Tara’s movie is great as well and may even give you a little more info on the benefits. Thank you so much for reading!

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