I Think I Forgot How To Dress Like A Grown Up

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I’ve written previously about how I’m looking for a job these days. I guess I should say, I’m looking for a second job because I’ll still be working the one I have now (nanny, maid, cook, driver, accountant and personal assistant for the toddler and hubs).

So I’m thrilled to tell you, I have actually gotten a few calls and upcoming interviews – woohoo!

The trouble started when I went in to my closet to try and put together a few outfit options for these interviews. (Yes, I’m all about “options”, don’t make fun. I’ve watched enough Project Runway in my day to use those kinds of fancy, industry terms).

I guess I hadn’t really thought that much about it but I completely realized, after being a stay at home mom for a few years now, I’ve forgotten how to dress like a professional adult.


Does Tim Gun have some kind of Bat Signal I can shine above my house right now because I need some serious help.

Here are a some of my antics and realizations I had while going through my closet, trying things on and attempting not to have a panic attack.

1. Trying on clothes from a career I had just a few short years ago feels like I’m in someone else’s closet from a lifetime ago.

2. Who ever this other woman was, she must of thought black trousers were slimming because that’s all she’s got.

3. Staying home has spoiled me. I have to be comfortable now. That means – No, button up shirt that’s almost too small, you can’t come in the car with mommy.

4. I’m scared if I wear black pants and a white button up, people will start giving me their lunch orders anyway.

5. Mmmmm…love my cardigans.

6. I had to get a chair from the kitchen to get my one, nice purse down from the closet top shelf. The purse with no juice stains, extra diapers in it or rips on the straps. Then I had to dust said purse off.

7. Good thing for that chair because guess where my dress shoes were? And more dust.

8. Why didn’t I ever by a nice dress to wear to work? Something simple like a wrap dress? Note to self: if I someday have shopping money – buy a dress!

9. Are open toe shoes ok for an interview? Can I wear my high heal sandals with black trousers? Sigh…

10. Why did I buy several tops that almost fit but not really and what it with all the black, white and black clothes?!?! Another note to self – COLOR! Love it, embrace it, buy some.

I honestly was a different person then though, in many ways. I feel like these clothes I had to literally dig out tell a sad story and I’m glad they feel strange to me now.

I like “me” now. I hope interviewers like me now too.

I could sure use a credit card with no limit and a stylist right about now but I guess I’ll figure it out.

Special thanks and shout out to Backwoods Housewife as once again, Twitter came to the rescue as I was freaking out about my clothing dilemma!

advice from Twitter

It’s always nice to have someone to talk to and laugh with about things.

This ever happen to anyone else? Have you ever had a hard time putting together a nice outfit or trying to figure out something dressy to wear after being home for so long?

7 thoughts on “I Think I Forgot How To Dress Like A Grown Up

  1. I hear you on all the black trousers. Isn’t it funny how colorful we become after becoming mamas? Not sure if my muted colors were so I wouldn’t be noticed or if I was just that boring but now my closet is full of pinks and purples and blues. Good luck on the interviews, you’ll do great!

    • I was thinking about that as well, I think I did all the dark colors because they just felt safe and I didn’t really know what to wear and to fade in to the background. Maybe having little ones makes us braver and kind of blossom open? Because I am ready for some new, colorful clothes for sure – haha! Thank you so much for the well wishes and for reading Felicity!

    • Thanks so much Sarah, it’s comforting to know others can relate! I really was in a panic, it’s been so long but laughing and writing about it helped a lot. Thank you for the well wishes, for reading and here’s to a better, happier closet for all us moms!

  2. Hi Anna – I’ve missed you! All this work stuff has taken me away from my regular blogs (including my own!). This post cracked me up. I am so with you on all of them – especially the black pants and the cardigans! I will be thinking lots of good thoughts for you, sending positive energy your way.

    • Thanks so much for reading Carinn – I’ve missed you too, a lot! What is with us girls and the black pants – lol! Thanks for the positive energy, I always appreciate it. Hope work, life and babies are great on your end :)

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