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It’s almost Halloween!

I am completely unprepared but that’s ok, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. My only disappointment is that I usually wait until the last minute to realize I desperately want to dress up when I take my son trick or treating and then have nothing and walk in shame.

But it hasn’t always been this way, I have such awesome memories of Halloweens past. My earliest ones being of my brother and I heading out around the neighborhood, pillow cases for candy bags, then returning home to sort our treasures and watch a scary movie.

Maybe that’s why I’ve always had a special place in my heart for horror films. Not the crappy, blood and guts, slash and torture movies like Hostel and Saw 48 or whatever they are up to now.

I’m all about the psychological thriller, the monster you don’t expect, the killer you never see, the mystery of the darkness and everything we don’t understand.

*I’m stopping here to admit 100% that this could be a case of a cranky old person kind of “dissing” what the kids today are watching and talking about how my generation had it right. I apologize. But…I am a bit older and I’m passionate about my movies. I hope I have not offended anyone. Please continue reading and I hope you enjoy 🙂

So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite, scary as hell movies to watch around Halloween (which I may or may not actually do because I’m a total wuss in my old age).

1. House of 1000 Corpses – 2003.
Two young couples take a road trip to search for murder urban legends and end up in the house of a twisted family of serial killers.

I love Rob Zombie so much. I have been a huge fan of his music for many years and his debut horror film is everything I love about horror. Ok, this one is really bloody but the truly terrifying aspects were these amazing, disturbing characters. You only thought you were scared of clowns before if you’ve never seen this movie. Captain Spaulding. I have no words.

Favorite scene: when the couples are driving away from the house, check out the scarecrows. Also Rain Wilson from The Office is a main character in this movie which is kind of cool.

2. Room 1408 – 2007.
A man who makes a living by debunking haunted hotel rooms meets his match. In a big way.

John Cusack is amazing in this movie although it made me wonder if I could ever stay in a hotel again. Another great example of psychologically scary, in fact I don’t think there is any blood or guts in this one at all.

Favorite scene: Every scene with Sam Jackson. Also, I cried at the end of this one. You’ve been warned.

3. Amityville II: The Possession – 1982
A young man is possessed by the spirit of an evil house and does really scary, freaky, horrible things.

I have not seen this movie in years and I really want to but I’m actually too scared. It’s my favorite in the Amityville series though. Again, no bloody torture but watching the son’s transformation throughout the movie is out of control.

Favorite scene: Near the end of the movie, the mans sister calls the local priest to ask for help and leaves him a message. Just watch it, you’ll understand.

4. Halloween – 1978.
A disturbed young boy kills his sister and then years later, escapes the mental institution he’s been living in to track her down while killing all her friends along the way.

This is a pretty famous movie so I probably don’t have to say much here. I admit, this is a bloody one but the scenes that terrify me are the ones where the man is just standing, watching or walking really slowly. WHAT IS GOING THROUGH HIS HEAD?!?!

Favorite scene: when the babysitter keeps leaving the house to go to the laundry room. I’m almost screaming at the t.v. every time.

5. Cat People – 1942.
The beautiful Simone Simon plays a young woman who becomes obsessed with the idea that she is cursed and will turn in to a big cat by the light of the full moon.

I’m a huge fan old, vintage movies (think Turner Classic Movie Channel) and this is one of my favorites. This movie all is about the shadows, the characters fears and desires and again, what you don’t see. It’s a beautiful and sad film, I actually do watch this one every year.

Favorite scenes: Each time Simone visits the zoo.

Honorable mention: John Carpenter’s The Thing – 1982.

Isolation, trust issues and a killing machine that can disguise itself to look like anything it touches. An awesome, scary movie staring Kurt Russell in all his bearded glory.

Sigh…1982 Kurt Russell…..

So whether you’re a fan of the horror, dressing up or are just looking forward to pillaging the kids candy after they fall asleep:

Have a fantastic Halloween!

Sweet and scary dreams to you and yours!

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8 comments on “Awesome Scary Movies I Probably Won’t Be Watching For Halloween

    • Haha – the bills are plenty scary, that is true. I watched an old, scary movie from the 70’s the other night, don’t know if I’ll get much braver than that this year. Thanks for reading and hope you have a fun Halloween!

    • I have not watched American Horror Story yet but it looks good! I’ll have to check it out. Grimm and Supernatural are the ones I watch right now. Thanks so much for reading Sarah!

  • Because of Sandy we are pretty much missing out on Halloween this year, although hopefully we will dress up and take pictures this weekend. I LOVE scary movies though I have to admit I haven’t had the stomach since my son was born. But you might have just revived my appetite! My list? Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye, The Strangers, The Ring.

    • That’s a great list Carinn, Stephen King movies are always welcome here as well! I was too scared to watch The Strangers but The Ring was good too. I’m so sorry about Halloween getting messed up for you and the little ones but am really glad you are safe and well after the big storm. Thanks so much for reading and hope you guys have a great Halloween celebration this weekend 🙂

  • I could barely make it through Room 1408. Sheesh. And John Carpenter’s Halloween is my all time favorite, even though my 13 year old watched it for the first time last week and she had a strange reaction–laughing. 😉

    • Yea, 1408 was intense, I really did cry in that one near the end. Halloween is a true classic, I’m so surprised your daughter was laughing! I wonder if it seems like kind of a campy, old movie compared to what kids today are used to (ok, that made me sound like a total old lady – lol)! Thanks so much for reading Kim, hope you had a great Halloween!

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