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If you’re interested in trying yoga for the first time, it can be tough to know where to start.

Yoga has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and there are a ton of great web sites, videos and resources. At the same time, all the choices and information can be a little overwhelming.

After being asked for some recommendations for good beginners videos, I did some digging and wanting to share a few that may be helpful.

You may have different preferences when it comes to yoga or any exercise program so first, here is the criteria I used for my research (especially since I think most of the people I’ve connected to on this blog are busy moms and already struggle to make time for ourselves):

  • Around 20 – 30 minutes long.
  • Good, clear instruction.
  • Basic moves but still challenging.
  • And upbeat, positive and calm teacher (no drill sergeants or super egos).

1. Urban Mystic Yoga 20 Minute Flow #2

I’m starting with my first find on YouTube which I’m calling “Happy Yoga”

I watched this one all the way through and instantly loved it.
The next morning, I did this instead of my usual dvd and loved it all over again.

The instructors are like the Bob Ross duo of yoga. They get a little silly but that’s what I liked, they have fun with the practice (check out the awesome tree pose). I wish they would have gone a little slower and taken more breaths in the sun salutations but I’m sure they were trying to stick to the 20 minutes. Overall – a great, basic but still challenging yoga flow.

2. Yoga For Beginners Flow: 30 min workout with Sadie Nardini


As a mom, sometimes I wish there was more core/ab work in the yoga routines I do. No more wishing, here you go.

Honestly, I can’t get in to Sadie’s videos. I’ve tried before and she’s just not for me but she has a ton of free videos on YouTube and several short routines for beginners so I wanted to mention her here. Give it a watch, see what you think. I don’t think she’s bad, just not my flavor. I will say, I thought this video was a little too challenging for beginner and lacked a lot of the basics I love but again, it’s personal preference.

3. Lower Body Yoga with Suzanne Deason.

Lower Body Yoga DVD
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This was the first video I ever did years ago before I really knew what yoga was. Suzanne is really lovely. Very soft, gentle tone and good instruction. From what I remember, she introduces some powerful and challenging poses but this is still a good one for beginners, for both learning poses and challenging yourself.

4. Body By Bethany (This one you have to buy but it is my go-to yoga most days.)

Image source Amazon.com

Kristin McGee is probably my favorite instructor and has been for a while. I love Kristin’s tone, personality, gentle instruction and lack of ego. This dvd may be on the challenging side for new yogis (it’s also at about 40 minutes) but I cant help but give it a mention as well.

Other Great Resources


Slim Calm Sexy Yoga book by Tara Stiles
Image source – Barnes and Noble

I have become a big fan of Tara Stiles and was disappointed I couldn’t find any free 20 or 30 minute YouTube videos to share with you here. Search her name and you’ll find videos alright but most are more advanced and are not a complete workout.

However – I am reading her book right now, Calm Slim Sexy Yoga and I would highly recommend it for information and instruction – tons of pictures and how-tos.

She does include several 15 minute routines in the book also. I have a much easier time with a video when learning but the book is an awesome resource.

Web Sites
Yoga Journal
This is another great resource for information, articles and insight. The site also provides short, instructional videos online (for free – yay!) at www.yogajournal.com/livemag as well.

Kristin McGee has a really cool web site with a “pose gallery” of photo demonstrations for poses, a great blog and some short videos.

Do Yoga With Me
This is a site I found with free yoga videos of different length and experience levels. I didn’t try these but a web site with all free yoga videos? I at least wanted to pass along the url.

Going Forward
Whatever you decide, where ever you choose to begin:

  • Go slowly
  • Listen to your body
  • Know and respect your own limits

Yoga is referred to as a practice for a reason. It is a routine of constantly learning, growing and expanding.

There are so many great benefits of yoga, I hope a few of my finds will help get you started.

Here’s to great beginnings – hope you enjoy the journey!

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  • Thanks so much for this post, Anna. It’s hard to believe I haven’t found the 20 minutes to try it but did want you to know how much I appreciate this resource when the time does present itself. You are my official meditation and yoga guru…but don’t hate me for slacking! I’ll make you proud!

    • I completely understand. With little ones at home, even 20 minutes to your self can be a rare luxury! I’m really happy and excited you’re interested in trying yoga, I hope you really enjoy it whenever you get the chance. I don’t know if I’m a guru but I love and appreciate you reading Felicity 🙂 I’m already proud!

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