The more I’ve been reading and learning about Tara Stiles, the more I like her.

I’d mentioned before, to me the ideal teacher is laid back, accessible, positive and kind. Tara embodies all those qualities and more.

I’ve been looking for videos from her on Youtube for a while now and while there are plenty of shorter clips out there, I was super excited to finally find a full length yoga practice, lead by Tara Stiles, online – for FREE (woohoo)!

The video is 50 minutes and at times, a little challenging if you’re brand new to yoga but I’ve done this one twice now and I’m really loving it.

I am one of those people that gets bored after a while, I love a new challenge so it’s always nice to find a new video and mix things up as well but this is a great workout and I love the tone and pace.

Tara also has a 4 DVD set for sale called This Is Yoga and I’m betting it’s pretty awesome as well but as a stay at home mom, the budget is tight so I’m always looking for the free stuff first 🙂

Hope you enjoy this one – Happy Yoga-ing!
(I know, I just made that word up. It’s all good).


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