The other night, I caught a headline about a model who gave an interesting Ted Talk on beauty and the modeling industry. Of course I was curious and had to watch it. If you have not yet, here you go!

While it’s not my favorite Ted Talk, I really appreciated a lot of what Cameron Russell had to say and especially, the pictures she shared of the way she looks in real life next to her modeling pictures.

So much of what we see is illusion, so much of what we are told is untrue, stated as fact to sell a product or trigger a reaction.

You need this new product so people will think you’re pretty and popular because if you’re pretty and popular you will be happy and never have any problems and will always feel loved and adored.

Sadly, a lot of these lies and illusions have been seemly integrated in to our society and subconscious as a reality and truth.

And in my opinion, they do nothing but cause pain and break us down. They can even deny us the peace, happiness and contentment that is our natural state and right.

Always be questioning. Ask yourself “How does this make me feel? Does this make sense? Is this really an opinion or factual truth?” – one of the trickiest questions of all!

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A few weeks ago, I was really going through a really tough time. Feeling depressed, sad and a little hopeless, I just kept thinking “What is wrong with me?”

I do yoga, I read and journal, try to eat well and take good care of myself. How can I possibly be feeling this low?

Although what I was feeling was absolutely valid for the situations at hand, I felt like a failure or that something was wrong with me if I wasn’t able to just roll along, unaffected and happy.

There must be something I’m missing, something I’m doing wrong and just don’t know yet if all this crap is getting to me so strongly.

What I realized was, I was wrong.

No matter what we do, how we live, how loving and peaceful we strive to be and even how we try to look, nothing keeps life from happening and sometimes, bad things happen in life.

It doesn’t mean we are flawed, broken, stupid, immature or wrong in any way.

That’s the beautiful truth. Life is hard, things aren’t perfect and neither are we. And it’s all ok.

This was my theme and inspiration for the February post I wrote for, a great site I have the honor to submit my thoughts and feelings to once a month.

Click here to read: The Beautiful Truth – There Is Nothing Wrong With You.

For more information on Cameron Russell’s Ted Talk on beauty and illusions, you can read the article and view pictures here:

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4 comments on “The Beautiful Truth

    • I’m sorry Christie, I’m glad the post was of some comfort. I was going through the same thing and got really low for a while. I think it’s partly just the ebb and flow of life so being deeply effected and feeling upset or sad is a very normal part of being human. We sometimes have the idea that the “best” kind of people are never depressed or hopeless but it’s just not true. I hope you’re feeling better soon, be kind to yourself in the mean time 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

  • I just exhaled so deeply reading this. Little by little I am letting go. I have been feeling so down since I got hit by the flu. And I had the feelings you describe – what is wrong with me? Shouldn’t I be able to shake this illness? It’s been two weeks. But sometimes, life gets you down. And the deeper we get into the funk, the harder it can be to claw our way out.

    Life is hard, things aren’t perfect and neither are we. And it’s all ok. – that is some beautiful truth Anna.

    • Oh no! That is so hard, being sick for a long time is really rough, physically and emotionally. You are so right, the deeper we get in to the funk, the harder it is to get back up out of it. I hope you are feeling much better soon and get some relaxing down time while you’re on your way to feeling better 🙂 Thank you so much for reading Carinn!

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