21 day yoga challenge sign

Sometimes when you’re really thinking about something, have a strong intention or are struggling with a decision, signs appear.

That’s kind of what I thought of when I picked up a new yoga magazine and was drawn to the above image and message.

A few days later, I was at Do You Yoga and saw this:

30-Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz
Free online video yoga classes for 30 days. Sent directly to your email inbox.

Ok universe, I get it.

I have been putting a lot of energy in this direction because I know I really need to get back on track with yoga and will love it but now that I’m faced with the opportunity – yikes!

Because now, my pesky fears and insecurities start up with all the excuses, I mean “reasons” why I can’t do a challenge like this:

  1. Getting up super early to work out is really, really hard!
  2. You’ll never be able to stick with it and the first day you miss, you’ll just give up.
  3. There’s no time! When are you going to have time? True Blood Season 5 comes out on video in a week or so, you know you’re going to spend some long nights, marathon watching and then you really won’t be able to get up in the morning.
  4. You just can’t do it. You will fail

Wow, there’s some unsupportive, negative and unkind self talk. I wouldn’t say any of those things to a friend who told me they wanted to get in shape and try this kind of yoga challenge. Not ok sub-conscience, not ok.

Now, let’s see what’s actually even true:

  1. I have to say, there is some fact behind this one. Some nights I don’t get home from work until 10 or 11pm and by the time I get to bed, it is late and I’m wiped out. My son still doesn’t sleep through the night sometimes. But nothing is impossible. I’ve done the early mornings thing before and I CAN do it again.
  2. I probably need to make some kind of deal with myself because I will feel like a failure and want to give up the first time something comes up and I miss a session but part of the practice of yoga is letting go of ego, of perfectionism and of judgment of others and self. Life will happen, to keep going is what really counts.
  3. True, time is a challenge. Nicely played inner critic. But I can learn to manage my time.
  4. Wow, what I ever do to you? So uncool. Can we be a little more loving than that?

Because really, there are SO many benefits to developing a daily practice of yoga – or any exercise you like!

  • Reduces stress and helps you manage daily ups and downs better
  • Provides a sense of calm and a mental “time out”, similar to the effects of meditation
  • It’s a free, natural anti-depressant
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • You get toned from top to bottom
  • Feel better in your body
  • Sleep better
  • Improved posture and confidence

I even wrote a post about how yoga makes you a better mom and I’ve written plenty of other posts on how awesome it makes you feel as well as how important stress management and exercise is for your overall health.

As I mentioned in Habits, the timeline to create a new habit varies for people, sometimes depending on what you want to do but starting with very small changes and celebrating your efforts is the path to success.

I am still undecided about whether or not I will formally take on a month long yoga challenge although I do think it could be the perfect kick start I need. Because once I get in the habit on a regular basis, I crave it. I will make the time and I feel better and happier for it.

I do feel more ready to work yoga back in to my daily routine though and as the signs keep coming, I’m more and more sure, this is one the path I need to take.

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