Farewell Preschool

sun shining through toys at the park

This was our last week of school. The last day of for the kids was held at a nearby park which was really fun except that another school was already there with all of their kids and parents as well – oops!

Crowded and hectic, it was still a nice way for the kids to spend their last morning together; sliding, running and saying goodbye until the fall.

Today is our first Friday with no preschool. I am exhausted from working almost every night this week. I think Lou is a little out of sorts from the routine change, allergies and heck, it’s Friday.

Everyone is just kind of “done” by Friday sometimes.

I’ve been dreading summer break but although I don’t have a real plan for us yet, I’m feeling slightly optimistic.

The other day when I wasn’t feeling so great, I decided to start a a new board on Pinterest called Surviving Summer. There’s not a lot there yet but I’ll be adding to it whenever I get the chance. Please, feel free to peruse….

I did this for two reasons.

1. Pinterest is fun, I love Pinterest.

2. There are so many great, shiny, happy pictures out there I could use to help encourage myself to look at (or look for) the good, fun side of summer.

I will always be a fall/winter girl but I can try, right?

Fare the well preschool, until we meet again in the fall….

crossing the bridge at the park

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