Summer So Far

Dinner at the carnival

That’s dinner my friends….carnival style.

Happily, my worrying about how to keep busy this summer was for nothing. In fact, we’ve been so busy this month I’m way behind on most other things, this blog included (again).

It’s a relief though and I’m thankful for the fun things we’ve done so far as well as what’s to come – my husband’s birthday is next month and we’ll have another carnival to go to for the 4th of July.

our family riding the ferris wheel

our family ferris wheel ride

See, I’m basically carnival crazy. I really, really love them and always have. This year, my son caught the fever and had a blast at the two carnivals we’ve been to so far.

playing a carnival fishing game

fishing for prizes

And there’s always plenty of good food to go around.

father and son snow cones

snow cones with little umbrellas - a first for me

We also bought new bubbles this spring which have been traveling with us on our park days.

Lou blowing bubbles at the park

blowing bubbles at the park

Father’s Day was awesome; a lazy, relaxing Sunday with Starbucks and doughnuts for dad, cards and gifts and a fun, living room picnic dinner.

fathers day coffee from Starbucks

one of many gifts

Sorry, no pictures of me in asanas but my 30 day yoga challenge is going great so far. It has actually been easier to stick with than I first expected and there’s been plenty of deep stretching going on – mind, body and soul (post on that to come).
Inspirational yoga quote from Pinterest - Yoga is about clearning away whatever is in us that prevents our living in the most full and whole way.
Image Source – Pinterest

Hope your summer is going great so far, exceeding expectations and fun of awesome!

2 thoughts on “Summer So Far

  1. Glad your summer is going swiftly, Anna. Cant believe your boy has been out almost a month and mine just finished last Friday! My boys would flip over that shark fishing game. Here’s hoping the rest of your summer is filled with funnel cakes and snow cones 🙂 And yoga!

    • Your son was in school until last Friday? Yowza! I hope your summer break is starting out great with lots of fun to come. The carnival games have been a big hit so far and of course, all the little prizes. Mmmm…funnel cake, we will meet again before this summer is over 🙂 Thanks so much for reading Marcia!

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