Kindness is powerful and priceless. It costs absolutely nothing to be kind and it can change – everything.

Kindness isn’t easy.

How kindness can ever be viewed as a weakness is something I’ve never understood. It takes so much more strength, self-control, respect and dignity to live in a way where we strive to show kindness to ourselves and others. Especially when we feel hurt or wronged by someone, whether they meant to or not.

It takes bravery to be kind.

Isn’t it much easier and let’s be honest, more satisfying, to just react, yell or have a melt down? In some cases, it even feels safer. If I’m kind to you, and you hurt me, I’ve made myself vulnerable and paid the price. Or I might be seen as a push over and continued to be disrespected. And then it’s like I’ve hurt myself.

But, could it be, that the outbursts, rudeness, crabby, bad attitudes and mean words from others aren’t always about us? In some cases, isn’t it possible they don’t even have anything to do with us? That it might be a symptom of something they are going through, some unhappiness or struggle or maybe, maybe they’re caught in the same fears of not wanting to be vulnerable or judged as weak for being kind?

The strongest among us are kind.

I’ve never met a truly kind person and thought anything bad about them for it. I’m attracted to their light, I see how happy and calm they seem and I admire and respect it. I recognize their strength and I honestly appreciate the kindness.

I know I am observing greatness.

How do we change our perceptions and fears around kindness? How can we help shine more of a light on how precious and needed it is?

Because it matters, the way we talk to each other, the way we interact every day, with strangers, co-workers, friends and loved ones. It all matters.

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