For those unfamiliar with the term, here’s the online definition for Padawn:

  • A Jedi pupil or student, or broadly used as anyone that is learning
  • A student of the force. A learned youngin. One that has the ability to posses great power, but has yet to achieve all knowledge of the force. One who wants to know more.  Until you are the master of masters, you are all someone’s padawan.

Much has changed since I started this blog back in 2011. A few things are still the same.

My name is Anna Mahler, I’m a stay-at-home mom full time working single mom. Most of the adventures I’ll be writing about are with my toddler son, currently going through the terrible 3s.

I decided to call my blog “The Mommy Padawan” because I feel I am a student in pretty much all aspects of life.  I’m constantly trying to learn from everything life decides to throw at me, good and bad.

Today, I try to be a good mom for my second grader, maintain a good relationship with my ex and take good care of myself. Even at his young age, my son is the ultimate teacher much of the time (still and always true).  He shows me what I don’t know, things I need to work on and makes me find ways to stay calm and sane.

Here is a little more about me and some of the other topics that I’m sure will make their way in to my writing:

  • I kicked meat a few months back and am now trying out a vegetarian/vegan diet
  • I actually enjoy working out and alternate cardio and yoga as often as possible (reduce stress+ have more energy+ make time for myself = sane and happy mommy!)
  • I’m a student of Buddhism
  • I love to read and write, libraries and bookstores are some of my favorite places

Venturing outside of The Mommy Padawan –

You can also read my work at MindBodyGreen:
5 Ways Yoga Makes You A Better Mom

I am was a monthly contributor for Wednesday’s Woman, a weekly feature where Kim at Sperk* has dedicated a part of her blog to celebrating inspirational women who are changing the world. It’s just plain awesome!

I am was also contributing on a monthly basis at DoYouYoga.com:

Questions? Comments? Just want to say hi? Please feel free to contact me anytime at Anna@themommypadawan.com

I truly hope you enjoy reading  – thanks so much for stopping by!

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I love that quote!

    If you haven’t read it, Kathy Freston’s book Quantum Wellness gives steps and reasons to go vegan, along with amazing recipes. She is on Twitter too.

    Hope to learn yoga one day soon.

    • Thanks so much Felicity! I’m a big fan of Quantum Wellness, great book. The Kind Diet actually kick started my diet changes but both are really good reads. Hope you get a chance to try some yoga and see what you think!

  2. I googled and found your “3?” birthday cake picture to illustrate the following story. Taiwanese ladies are often shy about her age, and would often have a ? candle on their birthday party cake, especially if with friends. My Chinese teacher happens to have the same birthday as her son, and she showed me the picture of the single cake with two candles : 2 for him and ? for her. Only that she is no longer in her twenties, and never made it a mystery to me that she is 37. I thought yours could have been her birthday cake too. Happy Birthday to both mothers !
    PS : and yes, of course she is Buddhist.

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