Yoga instructor Tara Stiles

Image source – After hearing about Tara Stiles yoga documentary, I finally got a change to watch the video on YouTube. For those unfamiliar, Tara Stiles is a well known yoga teacher as well the author of books, Yoga Cures and Slim Calm Sexy Yoga. Heartland Yogi is about Tara visiting her small, mid… Read More

book cover of Way of the Peaceful Warrior

To say this past week for me was challenging may be a slight understatement. I was shoved outside my comfort zone and had to deal head on with some really uncomfortable, difficult situations. Naturally, I’ve been working on a post about this but am having a hard time finding the right words. And since I’d… Read More

As a mom, I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to get my son to eat more fruits and vegetables. I admit it, I sneak them in any way I can. My most successful approach to date – the fruit smoothie. Although he really likes them and even insists on helping by tossing fruit in… Read More

soda and twizzlers at the movies

Sounds silly but Saturday was a pretty big deal for me. I went to the movies. A real, grown up movie with no animated characters. A movie that was longer than an hour. I know, I need to get out more so this was a super big deal and I was very excited. I need… Read More