Kindness is powerful and priceless. It costs absolutely nothing to be kind and it can change – everything. Kindness isn’t easy. How kindness can ever be viewed as a weakness is something I’ve never understood. It takes so much more strength, self-control, respect and dignity to live in a way where we strive to show… Read More

Woohoo – I did it and that rocked! Waking up on Sunday morning and realizing it was day 30, the final day of the yoga challenge was a mix of surprise, joy and a little pride as well. I really wasn’t sure about doing this and even more unsure that I would be able to… Read More

Tomorrow…it begins. “It” being the 30 day yoga challenge I signed up for at I wasn’t sure I was going to do it but had been playing with the idea for several days. That, along with the lack of getting off my butt on my own lead me to enter my email address on… Read More

21 day yoga challenge sign

Sometimes when you’re really thinking about something, have a strong intention or are struggling with a decision, signs appear. That’s kind of what I thought of when I picked up a new yoga magazine and was drawn to the above image and message. A few days later, I was at… Read More

woman in the yoga pose, wild thing

Image source – This is a part II to Friday’s post – Time For A (Health) Reboot. It’s a little long but I wanted to post about how things went for anyone interested, the good, the bad and the crabby. When I think about how I felt at the end of last week and… Read More

positive thinking, exercise, eat better - cocept of feeling good, sticky notes and white chalk drawing on blackboard

It’s been quite a morning so far. Driving my son to school, I had to use all my self control not to flip off the car behind me that was driving just a little too close for my liking. On the way home, I thew my phone after receiving a text message letting me know… Read More

Small presents in a gift box, with curly ribbons

I really love Christmas and the whole holiday season. Yes, it can be crazy, overwhelming and stressful but it can also be exciting, fun and feel so good. Happy and Healthy Holidays Each month, I write a piece for a sweet little website called Do You Yoga. Ironically, my post this month was titled: 4… Read More

beautiful woman doing yoga in nature

I have been a ball of stress and anxiety. The toddler/preschooler has been fighting us more than ever, on everything it seems. Too many late nights watching t.v. + sleeping in and skipping morning yoga. Right in time for Halloween, I let my sweet tooth get completely out of control. Even the constant flow of… Read More

Woman resting peacefully

Summer seemed to crawl by, carrying us on waves on unrelenting heat, humidity and days of boredom from it being too hot to even play outside. Then suddenly it seems, September is here and things have gone from slow motion to super high speed! This month has brought some awesome changes like preschool and nice,… Read More