On Friday, after I picked up my son from preschool, we went to Dairy Queen for lunch. It’s one of his favorite lunch places because of the toys and play area they have and since I was going to be working all weekend, I wanted to do something fun with him as a little treat… Read More

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I don’t think I’ve ever talked politics on my blog before. In fact, although I am passionate about my beliefs, I usually keep things pretty close to the vest. Not because I’m afraid or ashamed to share how I feel or what I think but because these can be touchy conversations. Our core values and… Read More

Last week, I shared a little about my teenage son. When he around twelve years old, one thing he really enjoyed doing was walking or riding his bike to the gas station several blocks from where we lived. He usually had no big reason for going besides the feeling of freedom and independence he got… Read More

woman at a protest standing near police in full riot gear

Photo from StyleWeekly on Facebook It’s been everywhere in the news, and on twitter, and facebook. I’m sure people are discussing in their homes, with friends, family and spouses or significant others. It’s something I feel incredibly passionate about and have talked a lot about within my own four walls but wasn’t sure about expressing… Read More