Last night, I was starting to really feel it. My calves, thighs, arms; it seemed like every muscle was stretched and sore. A low ache that had been with me all day was beginning to speak a little louder so I decided to take the cue and give my body the morning off today, but… Read More

Did you know….April is National Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention Month. I’ve been called a few nanes in my time. Overprotective, paranoid and hovering to name a few. I’m often not understood, even by people who know me well, when it comes to my sons. I check and double check on daycare centers. I call,… Read More

The one thing I miss about working a regular old 8 – 5 office job was the ability to call in sick. Even when I wasn’t sick. What, you never did that? Mental health day. That’s a real thing, right? It took some time and adjusting to but I love my role as a stay… Read More

Early days with my beautiful son. It took a long time for me to really settle in to being a stay-at-home mom. It was not planned and the road was not smooth. I absolutely love it now and feel lucky for the opportunity to have this time with my son but I have to admit,… Read More