Kindness is powerful and priceless. It costs absolutely nothing to be kind and it can change – everything. Kindness isn’t easy. How kindness can ever be viewed as a weakness is something I’ve never understood. It takes so much more strength, self-control, respect and dignity to live in a way where we strive to show… Read More

Woohoo – I did it and that rocked! Waking up on Sunday morning and realizing it was day 30, the final day of the yoga challenge was a mix of surprise, joy and a little pride as well. I really wasn’t sure about doing this and even more unsure that I would be able to… Read More

stones stacked up along side a stone in the shape of a heart

This month, my post for DoYouYoga is about one of my favorite terminologies used in yoga for lifting your front body and depending on the pose, rotating forward: open your heart. I wrote about how moving through poses like cobra, up dog and triangle pose with the intention to open and lift your heart not… Read More

This is a kind of part II of my post on the benefits of meditation. You can read it by clicking here: Meditation – Making Time For the Present Moment. Meditation is a practice of “not doing”, it’s asking ourselves to stop – everything, like a mental time out. It is a practice of stillness… Read More

blue sky, green trees and an open road ahead

Forgiveness can throw off anchors holding you back, keeping you down, weighing heavy on your soul. It can set you free. It can help you heal and move forward. Forgiveness can rebuild and renew relationships, open your heart and move your life in new directions. In most cases, once I’m over the initial feelings of… Read More

head of a buddha statue

What if we saw the pain and fear in others and tried to help? What if there was no shame associated with asking for help of any kind? What if living a life of kindness, generosity, integrity and joy was more important than how much money we made or what we drove? What if your… Read More