Please allow me to apologize and/or warn you in advance, I try to keep things on a very positive vibe on this blog and will continue to in the future but in all honesty, I’ve been going through a lot the past couple of months and well, things just aren’t good. I’ve stayed away but… Read More

The other night, I caught a headline about a model who gave an interesting Ted Talk on beauty and the modeling industry. Of course I was curious and had to watch it. If you have not yet, here you go! While it’s not my favorite Ted Talk, I really appreciated a lot of what Cameron… Read More

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Have you been to DoYouYoga? It’s another one of those sites I fell in love with instantly and another great resource for everything from yoga and meditation to inspiration, health and spirituality. I’m also excited to let you know, I’m honored to be contributing to this amazing site on a monthly basis, starting with this… Read More

From time to time, I get a little down. I get frustrated, lonely and bored with just about everything. All of a sudden, things appear to be happening to me instead of around me. Life gets heavy. There is too much laundry and I’m mad that I’m the only one doing it. There is too… Read More