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I’ve talked about change many times before, the fact that change is happening all around us, within us and that change is the only constant in life.

It’s something I used to be very resistant to. Change was (and still can be) scary. It’s unpredictable. It reminds me of how little I have control over and at times, how much I don’t know.

But a few months ago, I started wishing for change. Big change. More than wanting and needing it, I have absolutely been craving change from way down deep.

It had been building for a while but seemed to really come to the surface this summer. I felt stuck, like my feet were sinking in deep mud.
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One Year Later

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On December 27th of 2011, Waffle Wars, my first post for this blog went live.

After several months of going back and forth in my head, trying to figure out what a blog even was and wondering what would be worse – if no one gave it a glance or if people actually stopped to read what I was writing – did I finally have the courage and enough ideas to start my padawan journey here.

It all seemed very terrifying at the time. And serious. Far less serious than I feel about it now but that’s a good thing. Hopefully the ease is because I’m letting go of a lot of that old fear and self doubt, finally feeling like I’m getting comfortable in my own skin.

Since I really didn’t know what I was doing, I decided to take a “no rules” approach and gave myself permission to write about anything I was comfortable with or needed to share. Along the way, I saw things changing from what I imagined might be considered a “mom blog” and evolve in to something I still don’t really have the right words for.
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Do You Have Time For Love?

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Do you have enough time for love? Can you make sure that in your everyday life you have a little time to love? We do not have much time together; we are too busy. In the morning while eating breakfast, we do not look at the person we love, we do not have enough time for it. We eat very quickly while thinking about other things, and sometimes we even hold a newspaper that hides the face of the person we love. In the evening when we come home, we are too tired to be able to look at the person we love.

We must bring about a revolution in our way of living our everyday lives, because our happiness, our lives, are within ourselves.

– True Love by Thich Nhat Hahn

Stop Fighting Your Bad Mood

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Have you been to DoYouYoga? It’s another one of those sites I fell in love with instantly and another great resource for everything from yoga and meditation to inspiration, health and spirituality.

I’m also excited to let you know, I’m honored to be contributing to this amazing site on a monthly basis, starting with this month! My first piece went live today:

3 Reasons Why Bad Moods Are Wonderful.
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Meeting Goals and Unexpected Happiness

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Today was huge for me. HUGE!

As I’ve gotten more comfortable with this blog, gathered a bit more experience and spent time thinking about personal goals and mapping out where I’d like to go from here, I realized I really want to follow the direction of things I feel passionate about:

– Natural health and wellness
– Fitness and Yoga
– Buddhism and spirituality
And just being continually open to continued growth, introspection and learning.

One of the ways I’d like to go about this is through writing and sharing information with others.
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