The more I’ve been reading and learning about Tara Stiles, the more I like her. I’d mentioned before, to me the ideal teacher is laid back, accessible, positive and kind. Tara embodies all those qualities and more. I’ve been looking for videos from her on Youtube for a while now and while there are plenty… Read More

A woman, teen and younger man doing yoga

Image source – If you’re interested in trying yoga for the first time, it can be tough to know where to start. Yoga has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and there are a ton of great web sites, videos and resources. At the same time, all the choices and… Read More

Yoga instructor Tara Stiles

Image source – After hearing about Tara Stiles yoga documentary, I finally got a change to watch the video on YouTube. For those unfamiliar, Tara Stiles is a well known yoga teacher as well the author of books, Yoga Cures and Slim Calm Sexy Yoga. Heartland Yogi is about Tara visiting her small, mid… Read More

Continuing with my posts to celebrate September as National Yoga Month, I’m sharing a few of my “yoga favorites” – videos, resources and poses. It may sound a little usual to some but I’ve never been to a yoga class outside of my living room. I don’t belong to a gym, don’t have the extra… Read More