I can’t help but want to shout it from the rooftops when I find a site or blog I really love. Since I’d like to envision this site as a kind of resource on it’s own to others with similar interests, I’m excited to share this page with you.

Just like my bookshelf, I see this as a work in progress and will continue to grow this page with more resources as I discover them but for now, these are some of the sites I visit over and over, that have been incredibly helpful, informative and that I really enjoy!


MindBodyGreen Website

MindBodyGreen provides tons of great articles as well as beginners guides on yoga, meditation and nutrition with a real focus on happiness as well as health and wellness. You’ll find lots of great information on positive thinking and how to really nourish and treat yourself with love and kindness.
View the site at


eYoga For Beginners
eYoga For Beginners Website

This has been one of my go-to sites for help and information on yoga poses I’m struggling with or have questions about but Claire also writes about the power of the mind, meditation and offers her e-book for free, 3 Yogic Remedies.
View the site at


What Meditation Really Is
What Meditation Really Is Web Site Banner

Along with great articles and information, this site provides 10-step introduction to meditation, complete with videos and an app to download for your phone. I love it!
View the site at

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