Remembering Kindness and Finding Solid Ground When Things Are Upside Down

man upside down on the hood of a van

One way to make things look upside down

Hmm…you say you want change? You wanna to step outside your comfort zone? See the world as you know it turned on it’s head?

Yea, I know, that was me that said all that. Well, I got it alright and I’m just now beginning to feel right side up again, solid ground beneath my feet.

I don’t want to sound negative because there have been good, exciting changes but as everyone knows, change can be hard and feel scary and uncomfortable, especially in the beginning.

In a nut shell, over the last 5 or 6 weeks, I got a my first full time job in over four years, had to let go of the shop girl gig and joined a local writers group.

All of that awesome, every little bit of it needed and overall scary as hell.
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beautiful women with butterflies flying from her hand outside

I’ve talked about change many times before, the fact that change is happening all around us, within us and that change is the only constant in life.

It’s something I used to be very resistant to. Change was (and still can be) scary. It’s unpredictable. It reminds me of how little I have control over and at times, how much I don’t know.

But a few months ago, I started wishing for change. Big change. More than wanting and needing it, I have absolutely been craving change from way down deep.

It had been building for a while but seemed to really come to the surface this summer. I felt stuck, like my feet were sinking in deep mud.
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Farewell Preschool

sun shining through toys at the park

This was our last week of school. The last day of for the kids was held at a nearby park which was really fun except that another school was already there with all of their kids and parents as well – oops!

Crowded and hectic, it was still a nice way for the kids to spend their last morning together; sliding, running and saying goodbye until the fall.

Today is our first Friday with no preschool. I am exhausted from working almost every night this week. I think Lou is a little out of sorts from the routine change, allergies and heck, it’s Friday.

Everyone is just kind of “done” by Friday sometimes.

I’ve been dreading summer break but although I don’t have a real plan for us yet, I’m feeling slightly optimistic.
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Operation Summer Break

Children playing at a park with fountain in a city

I realized this morning as I looked at my son’s calendar that today marks the last full week of school before summer break begins.


Time seems to be moving at light speed lately, I guess that’s how the end of the school year was able to sneak right up that way. Needless to say, I don’t feel ready for summer and I am nervous about how to keep Lou busy, entertained and happy for the next three months.

Wait – three months? I have to check those numbers. Can that be right? I’m going to need an assistant. Can moms get assistants? Ok, I mean moms that can’t afford real nannies or assistants.


We really feel in love with preschool this year, both my son and myself. It’s only a half day for three days a week but wow, how sweet it has been.
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Keep Calm And Write Something
Image Source – Pinterest of course!

Right now, I’m really glad I’m at my computer working on this post.

But I also don’t want to be here. I really want to be sitting on the couch or propped up in bed, reading the new book I got today.

I know this sounds weird, please allow me to explain.

Since the beginning of the year, something has been off. I have not been writing very much and in fact, have not felt like doing anything, especially in the evenings which is some of the only free time I have, so I’ve been trying to figure out the cause.

Then today I stopped by Sperk* and read her latest post, Off The Cuff.
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Hello Lover

Dove chocolates and assorted Hershey minis for Valentines Day

Oh Valentine’s Day, how I love you so….

This afternoon, I spent some time with the preschooler, practicing writing his name and signing Spongebob cards for his class party tomorrow, talking about how fun school would be.

I feel like I did ok for the husband this year as well. Some of his favorite candy and VS Very Sexy For Him cologne – muy caliente!

As for me, what do I want this year? Two things I’ve grown to crave and appreciate more and more, time and energy.

Too bad those can’t be bought and wrapped in a big, red bow.

At least I’m exhausted and once again, feel a little behind on things for good reason.
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3 Great Documentaries for Inspiration and Change (and a Movie for the Heart)

bucket of movie popcorn

Almost two years ago now, we decided to cut back by getting rid of cable and trying out Netflix instead. It took some adjusting, believe me (I still miss cable!) but also lead me to discover some great movies and documentaries I may not have known about or taken the time to watch.

As much as I believe in eating healthy, it’s just as important that the food tastes good if I’m going to eat it! That’s also how I feel about these films. While they are good for you, totally inspiring and full of empowering and awesome information, they’re also feel good, fun and easy to watch.

Since I’m a total book and movie geek, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite educational yet totally feel good picks.

Beginning with…..


This movies takes the ever present human quest for happiness and examines how we actually define being happy, what it means to us and then looks at different areas and cultures around the world at some of the happiest places and people along with the unhappy and to me, tragic.

My thoughts and feelings have always been, human beings are pack animals, we are not meant be be solitary creatures. Along with the physical necessities for life – food, clothing and shelter, we also need loving, healthy human contact and relationships to thrive and be happy and this idea is deeply explored in the film as well.

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Freedom To Love

Richard and Mildred Loving with their children
Image source –

Welcome to my first Wednesday’s Woman for 2013!

Some months, it’s a challenge to think of a good subject for my Wednesday’s Woman contribution and even more difficult to write a piece I think that adequately describes them and their accomplishments.

This week’s was more personal and as a result, a little easier to write. In fact, I’ve written about the Loving family once before on my blog (a post called Thankful) so I was grateful for the opportunity to revisit looking deeper in to what Mildred Loving experienced and how her life may have felt.

Although painful and infuriating, Mildred and Richard Lovings story too important not to tell and tell again.

In case you are not familiar with this couple, Mildred, a woman who was part black, part Cherokee, fell in love with her childhood sweetheart, a white construction worker named Richard Loving. Richard felt the same and was ready to settle down but there was a problem. Mildred and Richard were from Virginia, a state where interracial marriage was against the law in the 1950s.
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Compassion In Times Of Change

word cloud - compassion, politics, understanding, change, love, freedom, election

I don’t think I’ve ever talked politics on my blog before. In fact, although I am passionate about my beliefs, I usually keep things pretty close to the vest.

Not because I’m afraid or ashamed to share how I feel or what I think but because these can be touchy conversations.

Our core values and beliefs are incredibly personal to each one of us. They are important and precious to us, we all have our own reasons for them. So as a result, sometimes hearing an opposing viewpoint touches a nerve and can even be infuriating.

Especially online, where it’s become so common place to vent, complain, attack and bemoan.

And because there is little to no real back-and-forth to the conversation and no face to face interaction, it seems at times that this has also created an atmosphere lacking sensitivity and compassion toward others.
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My 10 Must Haves For Fall

There are few things I love the way I love the season of Fall so I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw my favorite list maker, Stasha at The Good Life, decided to make this week’s Monday Listicle topic: TOP 10 AUTUMN MUST HAVES to get us in the mood for the season.

I love the way the air smells different in the fall, the colder weather, the longer nights…what can I say? I grew up in the Pacific North West, land of perpetual fall-ish weather. Fall feels like home to me.

Below are a few of my favorite things to accompany my favorite time of year.
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