Creating The Way

What if we saw the pain and fear in others and tried to help?

What if there was no shame associated with asking for help of any kind?

What if living a life of kindness, generosity, integrity and joy was more important than how much money we made or what we drove?

What if your family was hungry so your neighbors feed you, sent you home with leftovers and invited you back the next day?

What if, when someone lost their home, for any reason, their community helped them establish a new place to live and helped them move?

What if fast food commercials were replaced with where to shop at and ways to support local farms and markets?

What if doctors managed ailments or concerns with diet, exercise, therapy and stress management instead of another pill?

What if we supported and helped each other face our fears, insecurities and heal pain from the past?

And what if, in doing this, we wiped out domestic violence, sexual crimes, verbal and emotional abuse?

What if we could see how we are all connected and our survival, even our daily peace and happiness, is dependent on how we treat each other and how we see the world?

What if we viewed all children as a glimpse in to our future and truly understood, the way they are treated and valued, educated, abused and neglected or loved and well cared for today is like looking in to a crystal ball and seeing the future of our our neighborhoods, communities, society and world as a whole?

Believing in something and staying open to all possibilities – creates the way.

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Everything Matters

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There were several things that made me take the leap and start this blog. One of the reasons was a desire to share a book I’d written in response to the growing number of child abuse cases in the news. I wanted to share some of the information I’d found as well as my own opinions and beliefs on caring ourselves, our families and most of all, our children with love, compassion and understanding.

If you’ve been here before, you may know that earlier this month, I shared my own story of abuse as part of my efforts to raise awareness and encourage positive change for April being Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention month.

I am incredibly grateful and touched by the amazing, supportive comments I received and was feeling really hopeful and good about posting more information about abuse and prevention this month.

Then, I hit a wall.
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I Have My Reasons

Did you know….April is National Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention Month.

I’ve been called a few nanes in my time.

Overprotective, paranoid and hovering to name a few.

I’m often not understood, even by people who know me well, when it comes to my sons. I check and double check on daycare centers. I call, make surprise visits and try to observe everything, including signs from the kids that something is not right. I don’t use babysitters except for grandparents and almost never have. But I’m ok with that.

Although I’d like to be more relaxed about things, I have my reasons.
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