Don’t Fight The Carpool

young boy on his way in to school

After a slightly rocky and emotional first week, preschool has been going great. My son proudly brings home art work each day, is always excited to tell me about what classroom job he had (line leader, calendar, etc.) and I’m loving the free mornings it has opened up.

Before school officially started, I attended a “welcome parents” meeting where we were given the handbook for preschool, an overview of the school and a run down of the daily routine there.

One specific issue that was brought up was carpool. (Carpool is what they call it when you drive up in front of the school and wait in line with other cars, a teacher comes and let’s your child out of the car and walks him over to the sidewalk in front of the school building so they can walk in by themselves.)

The director mentioned that for the first week or so, they were fine with parents walking in their children but really encouraged us to let kids try the drop-off carpool lane as well. We’d be surprised how much they’d enjoy it, how proud they would be to walk in to the building alone, carrying their own bags and then back down to the car for afternoon pick up.
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It’s Not You (Preschool), It’s Me

young boy on his way in to school

Thoughts of sending my son to preschool this fall has been on my mind for most of this year.

Our past experiences with daycare didn’t go so well, but the idea of preschool with more of an atmosphere and focus on learning as well as play sits so much better with me and I feel like my son could really thrive there.

And as much as I get out and about with my son as much as possible during the week; trips to the library, playing at parks, etc., I don’t have mommy friends of my own where we live with kids my son can play with on a regular basis.

I want him to have friends, feel more comfortable with other kids his age and just having more fun overall.

So I was pretty surprised at how things went when we visited an awesome little preschool the other day, very close to our home and with the exact schedule and price range I’ve been looking for.
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I Have My Reasons

Did you know….April is National Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention Month.

I’ve been called a few nanes in my time.

Overprotective, paranoid and hovering to name a few.

I’m often not understood, even by people who know me well, when it comes to my sons. I check and double check on daycare centers. I call, make surprise visits and try to observe everything, including signs from the kids that something is not right. I don’t use babysitters except for grandparents and almost never have. But I’m ok with that.

Although I’d like to be more relaxed about things, I have my reasons.
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Red Sweatshirt

Last week, I shared a little about my teenage son. When he around twelve years old, one thing he really enjoyed doing was walking or riding his bike to the gas station several blocks from where we lived. He usually had no big reason for going besides the feeling of freedom and independence he got from making the trip unsupervised, allowance in his pocket, picking out whatever he wanted from the store.

Many times, I offered to drive him but he always refused. The trip meant crossing a pretty busy intersection and it made me nervous but I couldn’t deny that he was old enough and knew how to cross at the light safely. Although most times, it was other people I worried about more than my son not paying attention or making a mistake, I also recognized that a big part of growing up is wanting more trust and independence. I knew he was a good kid, I let him go.
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