Husbands and Homes

Last Friday, my hard drive met it’s maker. I probably should not even admit this but one of the things I was most upset about was not being able to do last week’s listicle topic, 10 Things Husbands Should Do, an absolutely brilliant topic!

After getting my laptop back on Monday and getting things back up and running, I was at least able to read some of the awesome, funny and extremely creative lists some of you did on the subject.

I guess I’m still not over it because I could not resist doing a little combo list this week of 5 and 5.

5 Things Husbands Should Do

father and son watching cartoons
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Have You Met My Dad?

I’m excited to be linking up again with Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop! This week’s prompt I chose was: What celebrity Dad would you have picked for yourself as a child?

Picture of Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby aka Cliff Huxtable

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I used to love watching the Cosby show when I was younger, even though it was a family I couldn’t relate to in the slightest. But was there anyone who didn’t love Bill Cosby in the late 80’s and early 90’s? Actually, don’t answer that, I’m sure the show wasn’t loved by everyone but I never missed an episode.
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