Things I Can’t Say – About My Son

Linking up with Pour Your Heart Out Wednesdays at Things I can’t Say which actually helped give me the courage as well as a “place” for this post.

I’ve been thinking about this post for weeks. How to write it, what to say or if I should even write it at all.

This one is difficult, it’s too close to my heart. It’s an open wound that’s still very tender but at the same time, I am blocked and seem unable to write anything else until I get these words and feelings out.
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Letting Go Of The Past and Hope For My 15 Year Old Self

There is a certain ex boyfriend of mine who, when I think about him and things that he did or said, still makes my blood boil. As soon as the memories come up, I instantly want to find him today, walk up and punch him right in the face.

But of all the jerks I’ve ever dated, he’s not even the worst. And I know if you are over someone, really over them, these memories rarely even come and when they do, they don’t cause the kind of strong emotional reaction I usual have.

In trying to figure this out and rid myself of any more of these thoughts, I realized it’s not even about him. It’s me that I am really still mad at.
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