Haunted – Part III

spooky looking house
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Need to do some catching up? If you have not already, reading Part I and II of this story will help it make more sense, I promise! You can start here at Part I and check it out first. See you soon!

The same way I somehow “knew” the spirit upstairs was angry, unhappy or was at the very least, attention hungry, when I discovered the spirit in the basement, I knew it was nothing to fear.

Just a warning, this is going to sound very weird but I’m going to tell it exactly as it happened. Sorry if it sounds flaky, I know.

One evening, my husband had gone to a friend’s house for a few hours and the baby was asleep for the night so I decided to do some laundry while I watched t.v.. We had a large, finished basement where my husband had his home office and also where our washer and dryer were. I was always uneasy in the house when my husband wasn’t home but the laundry was piling up and I decided I would try to put my big girl panties on and get on with things.
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Haunted – Part II

spooky looking house
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I’m hoping you landed here after reading Part I of this story but if not, you can click here and check it out first.

About a year later, after my son was born, my home office became his room. It was the only spare bedroom we had and I was still the only person feeling weird about the attached bathroom so I just kept that door closed at all times. I didn’t understand what I had seen (or maybe not seen) or what I was feeling.

I would talk to my husband about what was going on and he always listened, nodded and tried to be supportive but I could tell, because he had not seen or experienced anything himself, he just couldn’t understand and probably didn’t totally believe me at the time.

My son never slept well in that room and we eventually moved him out of it after my older son left for his dads out of state. Things seemed better with his sleeping and overall comfort but I still felt like something was weird with that bathroom and continued to keep the door closed.

Then two very weird things happened and this seemed to be where activity in the house started to pick up, at least for me.
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Haunted – Part I

A spooky looking house

Not the actual house we lived in but you get the idea

Image source aishagrace.wordpress.com

In last week’s Monday Listicle, Husbands and Homes, I mentioned that the house we used to live in was haunted. Several people left comments and seemed interested in hearing more about it so below is the story of the house and some of the things I experiences there. I’ve split in into parts only because I felt like it was too long for a single post. Hope you enjoy! I’m just very, very happy we don’t live there anymore.

From a very young age, I’ve felt there was something more when we die.

I sat on the edge of her bed when my mother passed away. I watched her light, her spirit lift away. Watched as her body become nothing more than an empty shell that was no longer “her” but something like an outer suit she wore, now empty and unused.

Later, I would learn the scientific theory that energy cannot be destroyed. And that many believe our spirit, our “light” or whatever word we use to describe the indescribable thing that makes us – us, is in fact – energy.

This made perfect sense to me as I’d witnessed for myself, the act of an energy leaving a body. Not as if a light had been switched off, more of a transition from here to – I don’t know where but I know what I felt, what I saw and what I believe.

I don’t know if this in some way made me more sensitive or accessible to the spirits that were in our old house or if they were and had just been acting out for years, waiting and wanting to be heard or noticed or felt.

The house was the first I’d ever lived in that was mine (ours really, purchased with my then fiance – present husband). I was so excited to finally be out of a tiny apartment and in to this big house, far bigger than we needed but I knew we would not find anything else close to the size in our price range.

Of course, looking back I can see several red flags that should have screamed “This is not the house for you!” but at the time, I was just too burned out on bad apartment experiences and cramped living.
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