Saturday Confessions – Self Pitty and Passing Weather

I’d been looking forward to today, Saturday, all week. A day that would be, “my” day.

An afternoon at the library or book store, just to relax, browse quietly, leisurely flip through books and magazines and even start making some headway on the growing list of post ideas I have not been able to work on the past few weeks.

Yesterday evening, bedtime goes well with my son. He’s tired and goes down fairly easily, this is a good sign.

This morning around 5am, he’s at my side of the bed, asking for my phone and wanting to listen to music.

Through the week, he gets up around 6:45am. WTF is going on here. I give him the phone and lay back down. From five to six thirty is on and off sleep in-between toddler requests and promises mommy will get up soon.

I get up and force my eyes to focus, feet to move, mind to function. I close the bedroom door so my husband can sleep.
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Enough With The Guilt Already!

watching tv with friends

Today began with a very tired start but also some accomplishment. It’s not something I often get too excited about but I was able to completely knock out the kitchen and transform it from looking frat party trashed to cleaning day clean!

It even seemed to take less time than usual and felt like less work, probably because Lou was happily watching one of his favorite shows while I got to work. I admit it, I was basking in the glow of my spotless kitchen but while my son was very satisfied, juice in hand on the couch, for some reason I started wondering about what some might say regarding our morning so far and how I could be harshly judged for it.

You see, as “crunchy” as I may, I let me son watch t.v. and honestly, I don’t think it’s that terrible.
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