Habits Part II – The Yoga Edition

21 day yoga challenge sign

Sometimes when you’re really thinking about something, have a strong intention or are struggling with a decision, signs appear.

That’s kind of what I thought of when I picked up a new yoga magazine and was drawn to the above image and message.

A few days later, I was at Do You Yoga and saw this:

30-Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz
Free online video yoga classes for 30 days. Sent directly to your email inbox.

Ok universe, I get it.

I have been putting a lot of energy in this direction because I know I really need to get back on track with yoga and will love it but now that I’m faced with the opportunity – yikes!

Because now, my pesky fears and insecurities start up with all the excuses, I mean “reasons” why I can’t do a challenge like this:
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Watching The Path Unfold

Blue sky and open field

Is it harder to not know what you want in life or to know but have your goals seem far out of reach?

I’ve been on both sides of this question as most probably have and I don’t know if there is one, simple answer. The answer is probably different for each one of us. What feels worse to me may not be so terrible for you.

Both situations can be difficult, both are uncomfortable and sometimes scary and frustrating as well. Both can make us feel hopeless or sad, confused and grasping.

But both situations can also require the same difficult but simple thing – letting go.
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Novel Obsession – How I Got Sucked In To The World Of Sookie Stackhouse

Happy accidents are some of my favorite things in the world. You never know what great thing might be just around the corner, something that makes you excited, happy and in my case, maybe a little obsessed. But I’m choosing to look at the bright side!

I’ve always loved to read and was a total English nerd in high school. Finding authors and books I really love and connect with always makes me happy. And once I find something I enjoy, I usually want to find out more about that writer and read more of their work.

This is why today I have at least five Jack Kerouac books instead of just one, four by Amy Tan, several Hemingway, lots of Anne Rice from years ago and more recently, many greats from Thich Nhat Hanh.

It looks like I still carry that tendency with me because what started out as luckily finding one book for fifty cents on the library sale table:

Dead Until Dawn book
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Meeting Goals and Unexpected Happiness

woman with her arms raised in happiness, ocean background

Today was huge for me. HUGE!

As I’ve gotten more comfortable with this blog, gathered a bit more experience and spent time thinking about personal goals and mapping out where I’d like to go from here, I realized I really want to follow the direction of things I feel passionate about:

– Natural health and wellness
– Fitness and Yoga
– Buddhism and spirituality
And just being continually open to continued growth, introspection and learning.

One of the ways I’d like to go about this is through writing and sharing information with others.
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Summer – Friend or Foe

Lou wearing my sunglasses

This kind of summer heat requires some big time shades

It’s mid July, another 100+ degree day with high humidity and I am officially ready to break up with summer.

I can’t believe I’ve previously made it through two pregnancies during summer months while living here in Missouri, although I do feel this summer is a little different with our weeks of record breaking high temperatures and drought conditions.

It’s harsh. It could be worse but man, this summer has been harsh.

I’m not much of a hot weather person anyway so it’s not unusual that I feel this way but with some willingness to find the brighter side of things, I thought it would be interesting to make some lists (I do love the lists!) and do a little comparison.
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Quiet Spaces

Creating blocks of peaceful, quiet alone time for myself has become a true necessity for me.

Maybe it’s part of getting older or just my own personality and sanity requirements in order to keep up with all my life involves now as a stay-at-home mom, but I seem to really need a sacred space and time to let go of the stresses of the day, breathe, and just be.

When I can get out alone, libraries and book stores are my favorite quiet places. I love to read and the opportunity to slowly browse, flip through books and even sit and read magazines in absolute quiet with no one pulling me to the kids section has become a real luxury.
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