Oh Hells Yea Italian (Veggie) Lasagna

side of lasagna

I am definitely on a food kick right now. It’s winter, snowy and cold and I’m craving food that’s hot, hearty and filling.

I love to eat and as much as I enjoy really healthy food, sometimes a girl just wants to cuddle up and feel all good and warm inside with some REALLY good tasting comfort food.

So let me just be up front and tell you, this one isn’t low cal or super healthy and it is veggie but isn’t vegan – I repeat, not vegan. There will be cheese, oh yes my friend, there will be cheese.

It is, however, super delicious and even 4 year old approved (“mom, I love this lasagna!”).

I know, I was shocked too.

This is from a recipe I found on allrecipes.com a few years ago. I used to make this with 1lb ground beef AND 1lb salsiccia Italian sausage (no judgement) which I’ve now replaced with mushrooms and spinach. It was kind of an experiment but turned out awesome!
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Time For Treats! Chocolate Peanut-Butter Bars

recipe for chocolate peanut butter energy bars

I’m not big on posting recipes, mostly because I’m still a cooking novice and don’t have many great ones to share but life has been too serious lately.

Time for some chocolate peanut-butter fun and happiness!

This is a super easy recipe, the toddler loves helping when we make this. I found it in the July/August issue of Health Magazine and it quickly become a favorite treat. Between my husband, toddler and me, a big batch doesn’t last long at my house.
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Fruit Smoothies, Banning Soda and Healthy Hearts

As a mom, I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to get my son to eat more fruits and vegetables. I admit it, I sneak them in any way I can. My most successful approach to date – the fruit smoothie.

homemade fruit smoothie

one banana, handful of strawberries, two pineapple slices, orange juice is optional

Although he really likes them and even insists on helping by tossing fruit in the blender, he often asks why I want him to drink them.

I explain that eating fruit every day is good for us, especially important for growing boys and since smoothies taste really good too, they are kind of a treat.

My intention is to make eating healthy something positive he enjoys instead of a chore or something to dread. I try to give options and teach him about food choices but also don’t outlaw anything.

Because maybe it’s just me but there is nothing I want more than whatever you tell me I can’t have.
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