Happiness in Pairs

Happy Spring – although it doesn’t feel like it here in our 30 – 40 degree weather (and did I mention, we are expecting a possible 10 inches of snow on Sunday?)…..but now that it’s officially spring time and the sun seems to be shining through the clouds a little more often, I feel some of the fog and heaviness lifting.

To help along this lightening of spirits, I’ve been thinking of ways to take the time to see the beauty of right now and appreciate what I have and what is instead of what I wish, want or think should be – which really is, at times, the entire cause of unhappiness and unease.

In the spirit of this, I decided to share some of the little things I’m thankful for and that make me smile these days. Oddly enough, I noticed they are all in pairs.

Not sure what that means for now but like it.
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Honoring My Family, Healing The Past

Family holding hands together

I’ve always felt I had a “complicated” family and upbringing if not just plain nontraditional, difficult and really tough at times. But, the more I learn about others, life itself and the illusions we confuse sometimes as normal or what’s suppose to be, I’m thinking things really may not be so unusual after all and certainly could have been a lot worse.

For the past year, I’ve proudly been contributing each month to Kim at Sperk* for Wednesday’s Woman, her awesome dedication to shine a light on positive and inspirational women. In all this time, I’ve never written about anyone personal or from my own life.

Although I actually am a pretty private person, for some reason this pained me a little and I found myself really wanting to share something more personal, closer to my own heart.

And if I know my own mind, it was probably because I didn’t think I could.
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Joy All Around

I’ll just come out and say it, things haven’t been super wonderful lately. I had been feeling down for a while and as things are definitely on an upswing now, a sweet reminder to look at the lovely and good things in life is awesomely welcomed.

I also have to admit, I don’t always have my act together to make Stasha’s Monday Listicles but I often read them and they always make me smile.

When I saw what Wendy at Stamping Rules! picked as the topic this week, I jumped at the chance to join up once again:

10 Tiny (or Secret) Things That Bring You Joy.

Love to the love y’all, I can’t think of a more perfect topic right now.

1. The mornings my husband makes my coffee without me asking.

morning coffee
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Hello Lover

Dove chocolates and assorted Hershey minis for Valentines Day

Oh Valentine’s Day, how I love you so….

This afternoon, I spent some time with the preschooler, practicing writing his name and signing Spongebob cards for his class party tomorrow, talking about how fun school would be.

I feel like I did ok for the husband this year as well. Some of his favorite candy and VS Very Sexy For Him cologne – muy caliente!

As for me, what do I want this year? Two things I’ve grown to crave and appreciate more and more, time and energy.

Too bad those can’t be bought and wrapped in a big, red bow.

At least I’m exhausted and once again, feel a little behind on things for good reason.
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Freedom To Love

Richard and Mildred Loving with their children
Image source – Lovingfilm.com

Welcome to my first Wednesday’s Woman for 2013!

Some months, it’s a challenge to think of a good subject for my Wednesday’s Woman contribution and even more difficult to write a piece I think that adequately describes them and their accomplishments.

This week’s was more personal and as a result, a little easier to write. In fact, I’ve written about the Loving family once before on my blog (a post called Thankful) so I was grateful for the opportunity to revisit looking deeper in to what Mildred Loving experienced and how her life may have felt.

Although painful and infuriating, Mildred and Richard Lovings story too important not to tell and tell again.

In case you are not familiar with this couple, Mildred, a woman who was part black, part Cherokee, fell in love with her childhood sweetheart, a white construction worker named Richard Loving. Richard felt the same and was ready to settle down but there was a problem. Mildred and Richard were from Virginia, a state where interracial marriage was against the law in the 1950s.
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One Year Later

one year blog anniversary tag cloud image

On December 27th of 2011, Waffle Wars, my first post for this blog went live.

After several months of going back and forth in my head, trying to figure out what a blog even was and wondering what would be worse – if no one gave it a glance or if people actually stopped to read what I was writing – did I finally have the courage and enough ideas to start my padawan journey here.

It all seemed very terrifying at the time. And serious. Far less serious than I feel about it now but that’s a good thing. Hopefully the ease is because I’m letting go of a lot of that old fear and self doubt, finally feeling like I’m getting comfortable in my own skin.

Since I really didn’t know what I was doing, I decided to take a “no rules” approach and gave myself permission to write about anything I was comfortable with or needed to share. Along the way, I saw things changing from what I imagined might be considered a “mom blog” and evolve in to something I still don’t really have the right words for.
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rock with the word gratitude written on it

I know I’ve said it before, but these holidays just keep sneaking up on me!

On Tuesday, after a brief panic when I realized the toddler was off from preschool until next week and I had not done any dinner planning yet for Thanksgiving, I sat down and started making lists (my go-to planning strategy) and realized I don’t really have too much to do or worry about.

Which makes me SO very thankful. Thankful for our laid back life, our little family and how much every day good I have in my life right now.

Here’s what I’m super happy about this year:
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My Favorite Change

Retro clock on fall leaves sky background

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year.

I love everything about it. I always feel as if there’s a shift in the atmosphere. The air feels and smells different. And I feel lighter, happier, more free and at peace.

So with all the busyness that comes with the end of summer for me, I’m reveling in it. Anxiously eying my softest sweaters, moving boots to the front of the closet, day dreaming about home made soup and being wrapped in blankets while a cold, crisp wind blows and maybe even a few snow flakes fall.

Getting ahead of myself? Probably. I can’t help it.
I have hated the burning summer and humidity and now, finally I see relief just around the corner.
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Meeting Goals and Unexpected Happiness

woman with her arms raised in happiness, ocean background

Today was huge for me. HUGE!

As I’ve gotten more comfortable with this blog, gathered a bit more experience and spent time thinking about personal goals and mapping out where I’d like to go from here, I realized I really want to follow the direction of things I feel passionate about:

– Natural health and wellness
– Fitness and Yoga
– Buddhism and spirituality
And just being continually open to continued growth, introspection and learning.

One of the ways I’d like to go about this is through writing and sharing information with others.
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