For Wednesday’s Woman – Every Mother Counts

Happy Wednesday!

I’m back over at Sperk* today for my monthly contribution for Wednesday’s Woman and feel I found an incredible woman to honor for August.

She is a mother, wife, film maker and long time advocate for preventable health and wellness. Oh yea, and she rocked the modeling world for many years as well!

Christy Turlington at a premier for her documentary, No Woman No Cry
Image source –

From her desire to educate and compassion for others, Christy Turlington Burns has become as activist for two important causes, both close to her heart.
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Wednesday’s Woman – Helping Women of War

I’m so happy to be back at Sperk* for this month’s Wednesday’s Woman post.

In case you’re not familiar, Kim at Sperk* has dedicated Wednesday on her blog as a day to honor positive, inspiring women in the world.

Today, Zainab Salbi is our featured Wednesday’s Woman.

Women for Women International founder, Zainab Salbi
Img source

Zainab Salbi is the founder of Women for Women International, an organization that helps educate, empower and brings hope to women survivors of war.

From the home page of her website at / reads:

“I was born and raised in Iraq, I lived and worked in many war zones, I encountered displacement, I tasted loss, death and pain, and I believe! I believe in the possibilities of change. I believe in joy, in laughter and in dancing until the end. I believe in love and in forgiveness, and I am a witness to the possibility of healing. It is TIME for the new story to emerge. Welcome to my website.”

I hope you’ll stop over at Sperk* today to learn more about this week’s amazing woman and the work she is doing in the world.

I also urge you to scroll down and take the time to watch the video Kim has added at the end of the post, it is an important and incredible message from Zainab Salbi.

While you’re there, take a look around at what Kim is up to as well. She herself is a wonderful mother, writer, friend and woman. Her blog and her heart will move, challenge and inspire you.

The War On Women

woman at a protest standing near police in full riot gear
Photo from StyleWeekly on Facebook

It’s been everywhere in the news, and on twitter, and facebook. I’m sure people are discussing in their homes, with friends, family and spouses or significant others.

It’s something I feel incredibly passionate about and have talked a lot about within my own four walls but wasn’t sure about expressing here.

Is it appropriate for my blog? Will I offend anyone? Please know in reading this, it is not my intention at all. I am absolutely respectful of others beliefs and opinions but what is going on with women’s birth control and the changes certain states and people in congress are trying to make is freaking me the F – out.
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